Call of Duty Warzone, leak on date and news of Season 4


Good news for Call of Duty Warzone fans, thanks to recent datamines that have revealed some of the news that will be introduced with the arrival of the Season 4. Let’s start with the new release date which, according to some leaks, is now expected the day after tomorrow, Tuesday 9 June, after being postponed following protests in America as a form of respect for the events of the past few days.

According to other information leaked from the datamines, they will return to Call of Duty Warzone i Contracts Wanted, which allowed a team to track down and eliminate an opposing team: this type of mission was present at the dawn of the game, however it was modified and replaced by a new version, which allowed a player who activated it to be targeted by the whole server.

Particularly interesting is a new mode for the battle royale called The Floor is Lava, in which players will have to eliminate their opponents without setting foot on the ground, under penalty of elimination. It is also a famous “real” challenge that became popular on social networks a few years ago, where participants had to move from one part of a room to another without touching the ground.

As for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, however, there is no news available on any new modes: we certainly know that Captain Price will become a playable character both in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, after being unlocked via the new battle pass. We also recall that the possible weapons unlockable with Season 4 have already been revealed, including a new SMG, an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. We just have to wait for Tuesday, waiting for the official patch notes, to note all the changes entered with the update.

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