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The famous supermarket chain Carrefour has provided for the recall of a food product much loved by consumers. This is due to a possible health risk. The branch note was also confirmed by the Ministry of Health which in the specific section explained in detail all the information relating to the case in question.

In recent days, various provisions have followed one another on the potential danger of consumer products. Norwegian vegetable and smoked salmon soups among others, the purchase of which is steadily increasing during the summer season as ingredients of recipes and light and quick lunches.

The microbiological risk identified is that of the probable presence of botulinum and listeria. With the dangerous consequences for human health in case of ingestion. The situation reported is no different ultimately by the Ministry of Health. In this case too, in fact, it is a potential bacterial contamination from botulinum. We see all the information provided regarding the product in question.

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Call Carrefour | Product withdrawn Health risk

As anticipated, the article covered by the note shared by the Ministry is a vegetable and spelled soup bearing the ‘Il Mercato – Carrefour’ brand and marketed on behalf of the ‘GS Spa’ company. The product is made by ‘Euroverde Società Agricola Srl’ at the factory located in Azzano Mella in the province of Brescia, located in Via Quinzano.

Recall Carrefour product withdrawn ricettasprint

The production batch that identifies the soup has the number 320148 and the expiration dates of 6 July 2020 and 10 July 2020. The batch concerned concerns packs weighing 620 grams: the reason for the recall, as anticipated, is the suspected presence of botulinum. The note issued by the Ministry of Health reports a specific warning: it orders to segregate the product in question and identify it with a ‘NON-COMPLIANT’ sign. By exposing the communication to the
consumer. Furthermore, it is advised to deliver the product, if still present, to Euroverde Società Agricola srl, reporting the dedicated number for needs 030-9747113.

What to do if symptoms occur

In the event that you have mistakenly tasted or consumed a product altered by botulinum, you must immediately seek medical attention as soon as one of the indicated symptoms appears. So if you should feel dry mouth, nausea, problems with eye motility, double vision and difficulty in lifting the eyelids after ingestion, call your specialist immediately. Alternatively go to the nearest emergency room. Bring, if possible, the suspect product with you and in any case explain in detail what you ate and how long before the listed ailments appeared.

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