Cagliari-Turin 4-2: Zenga celebrates at home. Pride is not enough for grenades


Grenade under 3-0 in the 47th minute hit by Nandez, Simeone and Nainggolan. Then Bremer and Belotti reopen it, but Joao Pedro closes the penalty accounts

Walter Zenga smiles and can celebrate his first home victory on the Cagliari bench. Much more brilliant Sardinians, at times devastating in the central percussions and on the outside, dragged by a midfield that with Nandez, Nainggolan and Rog marks an abysmal difference. Under 3-0 in the 47th minute (goal by Nandez, Simeone and Nainggolan), the Bull doesn’t mind and tries to comeback with Bremer and Belotti. There is pride, but it is not enough. Because then Joao Pedro closes the accounts from the spot. It ends 4-2.

The 5 minutes of Cagliari

It must be said that in the first half he is not a bad Bull at all, but shortly after the quarter of an hour he is already below two at zero. Cagliari cynical and ruthless, certainly more responsive and absolutely well organized; grenade punished by two carelessness. So, on the 17th minute, Torino is already with its head under water, with a double passive that punishes the team of Longo even too much. play and dribble. Zenga’s Cagliari is skilled in exploiting the first two indecisions of the grenade defense: immediately uncork the game (11 ‘) with a joker from the distance of Nandez, skilled in exploiting the error of Izzo who relaunches a broken ball from a corner kick in front of his own penalty area and not on the outside. Six minutes after a second mistake, this time much more serious and shared between De Silvestri and Aina unsure of taking the offside, they give Lykogiannis the chance to run away and serve Simeone with the comfortable doubling ball.

No penalty on Belotti

With many tired players, Torino has the advantage of not disuniting. Indeed, as happened before the five minutes in which he cashed the one-two, he starts playing again. Aina is completely out of the game, Edera and Berenguer are not at their best, yet the grenades don’t stop trying. At 24 ‘, for example, Bremer is overwhelmed by Simeone on the developments of a corner kick, but for the referee Mariani everything is in order. Thirteen minutes pass, and from a central percussion on the Meité-Belotti axis the most delicious opportunity arises: Cragno manages to oppose the Gallo from close range, but Belotti at the moment of the conclusion is conspicuously unbalanced. Mariani does not concede the penalty. A decision that the referee will take on the 42 ‘, when he establishes directly that Nkoulou has intercepted a cross by Nandez with his arm. Decision reviewed at the Var by Mariani himself: the ball hits the Cameroonian’s right rear shoulder.

Delicious Nainggolan

Cagliari is perfectly in the game, and blows blow by blow. At the beginning of the recovery, on the contrary, he tries to virtually close the dispute with a powerful and surgical slingshot by Nainggolan: Sirigu can do nothing. At 47 ‘Cagliari-Turin 3-0. At the hour of play Longo throws Ansaldi (for De Silvestri) and Verdi (for Edera) into the fray, both returning from injuries.

Ansaldi’s illusion

The changes bring liveliness and fresh strength to the Taurus. The 3-1 goal was born precisely from Ansaldi: cross from the left, Aina’s bank and Bremer’s timbre (60 ‘). The Bull is alive and visible: Ansaldi’s entrance radically changes the face of the grenade. In the 65th minute, Belotti hits Verdi’s corner on the fly and puts everything into question: now the score is 3-2 for Cagliari. It is truly an endless game, but the twists and turns are by no means over. Two minutes later, Nkoulou spreads Pellegrini in the area, Mariani can only concede the penalty. Joao Pedro from the disk displaces Sirigu: 4-2 Cagliari. The grenades persist until the last minute of recovery, without giving up. Cagliari closes: Zenga can celebrate his first home victory.

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