Cabrini Day arrives in Colorado: Columbus Day will be abolished


Colorado one step away from’To abolish Columbus Day – which has been celebrated since 1971 every first Monday of October in memory of Christopher Columbus’ first transatlantic voyage – to establish Cabrini Day in its place. Only the signature of the democratic governor is missing Jared Polis (which I agree) to the law approved by the State Congress.

The new state holiday would therefore be dedicated to another Italian-American character: Francesca Saverio Cabrini, a Catholic nun born in Italy (a Sant’Angelo Lodigiano) who founded 67 schools, orphanages and hospitals in the United States, Central and Latin America, and became the first American saint, canonized in 1946. Cabrini Day would also be the first state holiday paid in honor of a woman across the United States.

Ten years of negotiations

The main promoter was the deputy Adrenne Benavidez: discussions and negotiations have been underway for about ten years to replace Columbus Day, with alternative proposals such as the Colorado Day or theIndigenous People’s Day: here is a list of the states and cities that have already made this last choice, to honor indigenous peoples and contesting the doctrine of discovery. But the idea had met bipartisan resistance in Colorado and outraged the Italian-American community. Honoring Cabrini – an Italian, patron saint of immigrants, who unlike Christopher Columbus also has a link with the Colorado where he lived – a compromise that instead seems to work for many Democrats who had opposed it in the past.

Political split

No Republican, however, voted in favor: they said they were against “rewriting history” or they observed that, in everyone’s lives, including Columbus, there are negative aspects but they should not be punished for this. Republican Richard Holtorf said in the Colorado Chamber of Deputies that the natives Columbus encountered were not always peaceful, a comment greeted by the incredulous laughter of his fellow Democrats.

June 30, 2020 (change June 30, 2020 | 10:45 am)


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