By when you can file your 2020 tax return


When can the 2020 tax return be filed?

What is the deadline for filing the tax return? How long does it take for the taxpayer to collect all the data relating to deductions and deductions to be included in the 730 model? below we provide you with all the deadlines for the year 2020 relating to the income tax communications for the 2019 tax year.

Deadlines scheduled for 2020

When can the 2020 tax return be filed? As the summer advances, millions of taxpayers find themselves having to deal with the income accumulated during the 2019 tax year. This year the health emergency has redefined the fiscal calendar over and over again, delaying, in many occasions, deadlines for payments and fulfilments. Even the tax return has not emerged unscathed from the coronavirus attack and in 2020 the presentation methods will follow different brackets.

Based on the type of fiscal document, the expiration undergoes a change over the months following this calendar:

TO) for the ordinary 730/2020 model, the deadline for submission occurs on 7 July;

B) the precompiled 730 model can be presented by September 30, 2020;

C) the Unico – Income 2020 model, together with the Irap model, has an expiration date of 30 November 2020.

What you risk not to file your tax return

Now that taxpayers know by when the 2020 tax return can be filed, they will be able to organize the collection of the documentation necessary for sending. The shipment of the pre-filled 730 model has already started since last May. In the event that the taxpayer has sent an incomplete declaration or accompanied by some errors, it is possible to remedy by following the instructions indicated here.

Without prejudice to some exceptions exempted from the presentation of the tax return, it is important to underline the importance of the correct sending of the document. According to what is established on Legislative Decree no. 241/1997 late submission of documentation triggers consequent financial penalties.

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