buying with an All Access subscription will be of great importance, says Phil Spencer –


Xbox Series X it’s probably not going to be cheap, considering its internal hardware components, but the problem could be mitigated bypurchase with All Access subscription and similar systems, according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer.

The head of the Xbox division is back on the subject price of the Xbox Series X, which apparently is particularly close to Microsoft and Phil Spencer himself, since it has already been addressed other times: considering the economy in recession, proposing the purchase of a new console is not a simple thing, for this reason, the company reserves great importance to the purchase options with a subscription, or the All Access already experimented with good success in the USA, the United Spider and Australia with Xbox One.

“Xbox All Access will have acritical importance both for the launch of the Xbox Series X and for the rest of the generation in general, “said Phil Spencer at Gamelab Live,” We want to bring our entire user base into the new generation and want to offer various options and opportunities. ”

“The response we saw where we tested Xbox All Access was excellent but still limited in terms of market size, so you will see a enlargement significant market and support from retailers for Xbox All Access, “explained Spencer,” It corresponds to a model that users use for other devices they buy and with the services connected to those devices it becomes an easier way to promote products to users. ”

This suggests, however, that an important extension of Xbox All Access can also be expected in other countries, perhaps also in Europe and Italy, although there is still no precise information. “We must also consider the global economic situation that we are in this year and that we see today, and I think that having more purchase and price options for users is a sensible thing for us as an industry to consider.”

Xbox All Access, of which you can have more information at this address, is a subscription system that allows you to buy the console (Xbox One based on what has been tested so far, but also Xbox Series X in the future) paying it in installments for 24 months, with these which also include the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, without initial additional costs and the console which is substantially redeemed once the fixed installments are completed, in a manner similar to what telephone operators do with smartphones (for for example, at the moment it is possible to buy Xbox One X for $ 24.99 a month including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 24 months).

Phil Spencer has so far shown a great sensitivity towards the price factor with regard to Xbox Series X, considered a factor of extreme importance and having already reiterated several times that it will be accessible, but there is still no precise information about it.

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