“But which Aldo Moro of the third millennium?” – Free newspaper


Cannonades against Giuseppe Conte. Cannon shots that rain a bit from all sides now. Massimo Giannini understood. The director of The printin fact, guest at Half past eight of Lilli Gruber on La7, he is very critical of the alleged people’s lawyer. “It is credited as theAldo Moro of the third millennium – he attacks -, take the M5s and make an agreement with the Democratic Party if you want to give stability to this majority “, he says. In short, Conte is not Moro but he is only a grill and should take note. But not only. Giannini, then, “planer” also the General States, the premier’s event, the weapon of mass distraction: “He is like the restless man of Pessoa, he looks at the sky in the well”, Giannini slyly points out.

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