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Francesco Fredella

Gemma Galgani is Sirius spotted in Rome. The story continues afterwards Men and women, the program of Maria De Filippi on Channel 5. At least it seems this from the first drafts circulating on the Net. The couple (if we can define it this way) is ready for a new television experience: Temptation island. Meanwhile, the Net is already hunting for the place where they would meet in Rome. Gemma continues to dampen any kind of controversy against anyone who tells me that Sirius is only looking for popularity. And a well-informed source, among other things, warns that the Turin lady and mother Marinaio have been in contact for days. Now we need to understand if it is a straw fire or true love. The bonfire test is about to arrive. Meanwhile, the latest (romantic) sighting in Rome continues to inflame the gossip. Gemma and Sirius would go to dinner together. Those who have seen them tell us that they were also in romantic attitudes. Gloves and mandatory masks.

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