Businesses to the president of INPS Tridico: “On the IGC unacceptable words”



For the president of Confindustria Bonomi those on companies that do not reopen out of entrepreneurial laziness “are shocking for the productive world”

by Nicoletta Picchio

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For the president of Confindustria Bonomi those on companies that do not reopen out of entrepreneurial laziness “are shocking for the productive world”

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«Shocking for the productive world». So the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, defined the words of the president of INPS, Pasquale Tridico, said in an interview yesterday, June 8, on companies that do not reopen because the state covers 80% of the paycheck and for laziness entrepreneurial.

The protest of the business world has started alongside the leader of Confindustria. Words “unacceptable”, “disconcerting”, “ungenerous”, “offensive”, which “reflect anti-company prejudices”. Aimed at those who, Italian companies, fight, anticipating the money from the layoffs. Words far from the spirit of cohesion, the entrepreneurs underlined, relaunched by President Mattarella, the Bank of Italy and government officials. “The statements we have read are disheartening, profoundly unjust and ungenerous, offensive towards those who are fighting to contribute to the well-being of the country” commented Robiglio, president of the Confindustria’s Small Industry, stressing that “they reflect the strong anti-company prejudice”.

For Vito Grassi, President of the Council of the regional representatives of Confindustria and number one of Confindustria Campania, «Tridico supports absurd hypotheses: no entrepreneur has an interest in keeping his company closed. The collapse in turnover may lead to closures and interventions on the structure of company costs. Certainly no speculation about the cig ». Words that are the result of an “anti-business attitude that is not good for the country, make companies lose faith in the state and damage the image of the country abroad”, commented the president of Federmeccanica, Alberto Dal Poz.

“INPS should take care to keep to the commitments made and deliver what is due to workers as soon as possible. Perhaps it escapes President Tridico that many companies are anticipating the cash register », was the reaction of the president of Confindustria Piemonte, Fabio Ravanelli. “In recent months – said Alessandro Spada, president of Assolombarda – I have seen companies make themselves available to the country and make sacrifices in order not to lose market share. And today with a sense of responsibility we look forward ». For Alessandro Albanese, Sicindustria, the words of the president of INPS are “disconcerting, offensive, full of anti-entrepreneurial prejudice, far from the spirit of cohesion invoked by President Mattarella, the Governor Visco and the highest representatives of the Government”.

Vincenzo Marinese, president of Confindustria Venezia and Rovigo speaks of “misplaced outsourcing. If you want public-private confrontation, we are on the right track. We must be aware that when companies run away someone will have to take responsibility for it. ” Also confused the president of Confindustria Umbria, Antonio Alunni: “it is not clear what the purpose of these statements is, if not to humiliate the extraordinary effort that the entrepreneurs and their collaborators are making”. For Luciano Vescovi, president of Confindustria Vicenza, «it is an offensive act. We find ourselves a person who expresses that school of thought that considers us borrowers ».

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