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Yet another murder on racial grounds of a African American by the guardians of the (dis) bourgeois order, in the nerve center of world imperialism, it blew up massive and radical street demonstrations across the country. We have so yet another example of what the “real” bourgeois liberal democracy [1], beyond the utopian representation that its apologist ideologues provide. Once again, the country that plays the most international role as a champion of freedom and democracy, turns out to be among the most racist in the world. The constant abuses that African Americans suffer are inferior only to those suffered in them Country come on Palestinians by the Zionist occupiers, not surprisingly together with another “model” of “moderate country”, the Saudi absolutist monarchy, for years the most faithful international partners of the States United of America.

Especially since racism is not only inherent in the repressive apparatus of the imperialist state, but it’s an integral part of the “system”, to the point that the “experts”, once again denying the evidence, initially tried to exclude suffocation as the cause of death of yet another African American victim George Floyd.

Not to mention that the president of the states States, despite being a white supremacist openly supported by Ku Klux Klan himself, maintains a truly incredible popularity in his country, so much so that – despite the disastrous management of the pandemic – it risks being confirmed again at the helm of the country.

The explosion of the African American population in the face of yet another, apparently completely gratuitous, provocation by the repressive apparatuses of the State – resulting in massive spontaneous demonstrations, which have not retreated in the face of the usual violent repression of the police – appears more than justified.

To the point that, for the first time in many years, a considerable number of Caucasians have lined up in the vibrant protests, further demonstrating that the measure is really full. On the other hand, this explosion of real spontaneous riots in the main cities of the country, with a determination that has not been seen since the sixties, it is the most encouraging aspect and, at the same time – as reality, as Hegel already knew, is in itself contradictory – the most alarming aspect of the current scenario, as it makes the absence in the United States of a political and social force capable of giving this more evident grandiose spontaneous movement a conscious direction. Likewise it affects the substantial shortage of organic intellectuals capable of developing in a political sense, questioning the power of large financial capitalthis is great anti-racist movement.

The impression is that you risk finding yourself faced with yet another jacquerie of the subordinate social classes – certainly of unusually large dimensions – but which runs the danger of being consumed, once again, as history unfortunately teaches us, in a new and however striking straw fire. In fact, it cannot be forgotten that not a few months ago it was the African Americans themselves, who rightly arise today, that allowed the affirmation, in the democratic primaries, of the candidate who most embodies the continuity of the dominant system – in the name of the T.I.N.A., or of the there is no alternative -, the Catholic conservative Joseph Biden. Who recently declared himself certain that he had ensured the active support of the African American electorate, as it would represent the only real alternative to the supremacist and openly xenophobic President Donald Trump.

In this way, however unknowingly, several African Americans have, for the second consecutive time, contributed significantly to the halt of the only candidate able to offer a real alternative to the right-wing extremist billionaire now in power. Mind you – as the previous primaries have amply demonstrated, where the realism as a man of the world of a substantial part of the African American electorate had constituted the mass basis for the rejection of the candidate, who had decidedly imposed himself in the popular vote (Bernie Sanders), in favor of establishment candidate Hillary Clinton – this is not the only real alternative on the plan exclusively ideal, but also from the point of view concrete and real.

So, in the name of as desperate as myopic realism, the white supremacist Trump was offered the chance to be re-elected again on a silver plate, despite the countless disasters that his presidency produced, opposing the best representative of “democratic” leopardism, which aims to deceive that, with his election, everything apparently changes to ensure that in reality nothing substantial is changed or even just the place in question.

Of course, the reality is contradictory, since the main justification of African Americans for voting for the more right-wing “democratic” candidate, first H. Clinton and then Biden, is that faced with the danger of being able to be stopped, arrested or arrested at any time killed by a policeman, for the most futile reasons, we could not afford the luxury of Caucasians to vote for a truly leftist candidate. So, as long as African Americans are forced to defend their mere survival and personal freedom, before a system that has perfectly combined, against them, the most ruthless classism with the most shameful racism, they will hardly have time and a way to free themselves from ideology dominant of the “less worse“.

From this point of view it is essential that the truly leftist forces and sincere democrats in the United States and throughout the world give the maximum support for the struggles of African Americans against persistent racism, which aims to deny him the same spirit of utopia, the same hope principle and the great ambitions of being able to transform the existing order in a revolutionary way.

At the same time it is essential that the decisive spontaneous protests are able, as soon as possible, to organize themselves and to have a conscious direction, which starts immediately with isolating all infiltrators and provocateurs that push these sacrosanct mobilizations to expire in mere revenge or nihilism, for which it is believed to give vent to one’s anger by indiscriminately striking, to limit us to an immediate example, a luxury car and a small car necessary for a proletarian to be able to reproduce your workforce.

Moreover, the opposition, always fomented by the dominant ideology, between the exploited Caucasian proletarians, the African Americans and the most recent immigrants – reduced by the constant repression in a semi-servile state – has always prevented the development of a significant movement in the United States and class left party. Not to mention that not only does the class struggle pay, but it also constitutes the most effective school in which to develop the same class consciousness. From this point of view it is essential, for anyone who is in favor of the further emancipation of mankind, that this promising radical scenario of struggle does not end soon in a straw fire, but that it can extend and consolidate itself by overcoming the sacrosanct explosion of anger at what happened, to develop the struggle on a political level, so as to be able to bring home tangible results, which allow African Americans and the most recent immigrants in the first place to be able to overcome the stage of mere, but indispensable struggle for survival, in order to develop the broader ambitions necessary for a real and radical transformation of the existing society, both classist and racist.

Moreover, it is necessary to always keep in mind how important it is at the international level, but how arduous it is at the national level, the development of a lasting movement of radical struggle in one of the nerve centers of global reaction. From this point of view it is essential that they continue to develop forms of real confrontation between the forces fighting for the emancipation of mankind and those who act according to its de-emancipation. The risk, otherwise, is that the political debate in the main imperialist country is reduced to one dialectic entirely within the dominant class among the reactionary forces represented by Trump and the conservative forces represented by Biden. Among which it is certainly preferable to support the latter, in the hope that their affirmation will finally lead the oppressed and exploited to be able to fight directly against their class enemy and not against the enemy of their enemy, however much more aggressive and in different aspects dangerous.

Also because in a political scenario reduced, as often happens in Europe, to a clash between supporters of European imperialism and right-wing sovereigns, it is not uncommon for the latter, however reactionary, to appear more dynamic and able to to counter an ever more indefensible and unpopular existing. With the risk of leaving the squares not to the clash between progressive and potentially revolutionary forces and forces deployed in defense of the (dis) established order, as happens today in the United States, but to that between openly subversive forces, such as those that took to the streets lately in several countries of the world with the intention of overthrowing the current bourgeois liberal-democratic system, to reaffirm the most immediate and direct forms of dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, perhaps leaving more space for the petty bourgeoisie to violently suppress the vanguards of the subordinate classes.

Also because, unfortunately, at worst there is never a limit, as the reactionary US, British, Brazilian or Indian governments have amply demonstrated and as a government led by Salvini, Meloni and Berlusconi or a new technical government with Mario Draghi at the head, with a strong bipartisan consensus, would demonstrate. To prevent and not find ourselves too, sooner or later, in an even less viable situation than the present and with a further reduction of the same (formally) liberal-democratic bourgeois guarantees, it is essential to put in place as soon as possible a real and credible alternative of left, against the mere conservatives of the established order.


[1] Given the constant, constant provocations of the dominant ideology – which seek to exorcise any leftist criticism of the objective contradictions of the capitalist mode of production by emphasizing the alleged iniquities of “real socialism” – it is indispensable to denounce the effective atrocities of “liberal democracy” real ”bourgeois.

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