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Bungie is working on other projects besides Destiny 2 and probably the third installment in the series, including at least one big new game unpublished for which the team is currently hiring staff and on which it seems to focus particularly.

In fact, among Bungie’s projects there is one new intellectual property of large caliber that should come out by 2025 and perhaps this is referred to by the new job advertisements. Last January, the possibility emerged that this new title could have a comic characterization, a sort of comedy and perhaps this is precisely the new main game on which the team is focusing in addition to Destiny.

After looking for an Incubation Art Director in February, research is now focusing on a Incubation Investment Designer, which should work in coordination with the teams dedicated to the sandbox and the economy division, in order to organize a complex and stratified game world.

According to various assumptions, supported by still very vague clues, it may be thought that this new game is also a game RPG based on loots and fights, also considering that among the developer ‘s commitments there would also be the “design, construction and tuning of a wide variety of occupations and loot systems, something that falls within a complex economy capable of managing the gaming world at its best.

Put like this, it seems to be a project in line with the Destiny style, an idea also reinforced by the presence of weapons and armor always based on the references contained in the job advertisements. All this could be associated with the new project currently defined as Matter but of which not much is known yet, beyond the fact that it should also count on the support of NetEase. In the meantime, we are awaiting the presentation of the new Destiny 2 expansion, set for today, June 9, 2020, at 18:00.

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