Bundesliga, the results of the 31st day – 13 June 2020


Dortmund move to Dusseldorf thanks to a header by the Norwegian striker and remain in the arithmetic race for the title. The Portuguese Eintracht signs a brace and renders the goalkeeper’s goal unnecessary

Here Dortmund

Without Reus, and with Haaland not yet in perfect condition (initially on the bench), Favre chooses the 4-3-3 with Sancho and Hazard wide and fake Brandt 9. Dortmund plays better, manages to put Dusseldorf under, but fails to concretize. At 17 ‘the double chance of the Gialloneri is sensational: after a corner of Dusseldorf Favre’s team starts on the counterattack in three against one. Hakimi finds himself alone against Kastenmeier, but does not give strength to the ball, Guerreiro gets stuck on the rebound who instead of supporting the ball in the goal, making a mistake, to serve Sancho. At 23 ‘is Sancho, heel, to serve Brandt, closed, at the time of the shot, by Hoffmann. Borussia’s attacking trio is inspired, but fails to score and Dusseldorf remains afloat without ever making itself dangerous. At 61 ‘Favre sends a clear message to the team by removing Witsel and inserting Haaland, trying to give his attack the concreteness that was missing in the first hour of the game. Already at 63 ‘it is only Ayhan’s intervention to prevent Haaland from hitting safely on Hakimi’s assist. At 66 ‘everything happens: Sobottka wastes shooting at Burki and allows Dortmund to start on the counterattack. Haaland takes a left foot, the ball goes to Guerreiro who, after checking his hand, throws the ball into the goal. The referee assigns the goal, but, recalled by the Var, rightly retraces his steps and cancels. In the last minutes Dortmund seems to be satisfied with the 0-0, it also risks (two poles of the hosts), but in the fifth minute of recovery it is Haaland, head, to take advantage of Akanji’s assist and to score the goal that, probably , the mathematical certainty of qualifying for the Champions League is valid.

The others

Heavy victory for Werder who passes 5-1 in the home of Paderborn. The Bremen club thus hooks Fortuna Dusseldorf to the third-last place that in Germany is worth the play-off with the third of the second division. In fact the Paderborn demoted, which three days from the end remains at -8. In Berlin, Hertha, despite the goal of Piatek’s momentary 1-0, collapsed against Frankfurt. In the second half Eintracht responds with 4 goals, including two by the other former AC Milan player André Silva. Draw 2-2 in the direct clash for seventh place (which will be worth the Europa League preliminary) between Wolfsburg and Freiburg. Union Berlin won 2-1 in Cologne and probably moved definitively away from the relegation zone.

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