Bundesliga promoted in the coronavirus challenge – Sport


Hecatombs of positive and injured players? Crowds of uninvited fans? Five rounds after the resumption of May 16, none of these gloomy predictions has come true and the Bundesliga is (for now) ‘promoted’ to the exam it is facing in the fight against coronavirus. A nice sign of encouragement for the other major European tournaments that are going to imitate the German one, from the Spanish Liga on Thursday, to the English Premier League (17 June), to the Italian Serie A (20 June).
Thanks to the strict health protocol. The players are subjected to checks twice a week, forced to confinement in the family and to permanent spacing measures. To date, no team has suffered from severe contagion. And the requests of those who consider the protocol to be excessive are more pressing than the return of ‘normal’ life in the country, where it is again possible to sit at a cafe and see friends.
This is also thanks to the protagonists, who have found themselves in shape. Contrary to the concerns of many sports doctors, a significant increase in the number of injuries, particularly muscle injuries, was not observed. In addition, the coaches make extensive use of the five changes (on average 4.3 replacements per game).
The values ​​on the pitch are also unchanged. Some feared results distorted by lack of training. In reality, the balance has not changed: those who were strong before the stop remained so (Bayern won 5 out of 5 games) and the teams at the bottom of the ranking did no miracles. The absence of the public, then, certainly did not help the weaker formations, but strengthened the hierarchies.
Proof of this is the collapse of the advantage of playing at home. In the past two seasons, 45% of games have ended with the victory of the local team. This ratio has dropped to 22% since the recovery behind closed doors (10 friendly field wins in 46 games).


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