Bulky waste, Raggi and Ama attack the “zozzoni”. The collection centers, however, are half-service and the staff is missing


The war on the “zozzoni” is okay, fight without the mayor Raggi’s neighborhood against uncivilized, empties illegal cellars, commuters of waste. By now the cornerstone of the environmental policies of the Five Star Capitol, especially in the post lockdown phase, when with Rome once again freely passable, mini landfills on the streets have returned to appear. But the Collection Centers (Cdr), those where bulky goods should instead end according to legislation, how are they working?

There are 12 in total for 15 municipalities, 11 reopened in early June after the coronavirus emergency, all except that of Acqua Acetosa, in via dei Campi Sportivi. You can dispose of a bit of everything: from rubble to paints, from household appliances to wood, to batteries. The list is long. But still they are only available for half a day.

Half-service ecological islands

The Romans can load their old sofa and take it to be disposed of in the so-called “ecological islands”, but at the moment only from 7 to 12 and only on weekdays. The result? Queues are often created, also linked to the security measures that require entry one at a time. Those who work and have only one hour in the morning before entering the office become discouraged, and perhaps in the afternoon they get rid of the weight by unloading everything outside the structures. As happened several times outside the CDR in via Teano, at Prenestino, or from that of via Laurentina. Gestures of uncivilized citizens, yes, but also perhaps, in this phase of restart, little facilitated by the reduced rank functioning of the Ama structures.

In the background, another non-secondary issue to ensure the efficiency of the supply chain. Ama has a shortage of staff. Several retirements in recent months and the sudden absence of “team leaders” who are responsible for organizing collection in the area, also in relation to collection centers, is a problem.

Personal find

The company tries in every way to pull the blanket, always short given the absence of an employment plan for years, strengthening the presence in the CDR with the movement of workers between departments. Last week the service order signed by the director of human resources Marcello Bronzetti. “The temporary transfer of the following resources is required up to ceased requirements – we read in the document, which RomaToday was able to view – in support of the activities of the Collection Centers in this phase of emergency and gradual restoration of full functionality “. And then again the notice of temporary retrieval of 10 June for the selection of 25 Tot (Territorial Operative Technician) among the sweepers, only for the summer period. To the Tot, the task among many, in the ecological islands, to check the regularity of those who enter and those who leave, if they are private citizens (authorized) or companies (which instead must follow a different procedure).

The workers’ proposals

From the same workers Ama, of the Lila group, some suggestions come for a better functioning of the service in the Collection Centers: to establish a telephone coordination between the 12 islands at the Ama toll-free number, to get a complete picture of the reception status of all types of bins present and available, so as to allow users not to make empty journeys. And still offset the attack of one hour between operators to have a continuous opening time during meal times, also working on Sunday to avoid clogging on Monday.

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“We are gearing up to gradually reopen the centers in the afternoon from next week” they let Ama know about the hourly restriction. However, the possibility of home collection remains open, but only on the street level.

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