“Building bonus of 110%: a great opportunity for our area, but you need to do ‘teamwork’!”


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For almost a month now, it has been established that Italians will be able to renovate their condominiums and houses completely for free.

Political communication rightly requires synthesis and effect and, if not studied in depth, it risks being misunderstood and creating false expectations.

The exceptional extraordinary nature of the action implemented with articles 119/121 must be recognized (CLICK HERE TO READ THEM) of Law Decree number 34 published in the Official Journal on May 19, 2020, which leads to 110% relief for the Earthquake and Eco Bonus.

A commitment of 16 billion euros on the private building sector which can only be welcomed with enthusiasm and hope and in my opinion obliges everyone to make a strong commitment not to make this opportunity in vain.

Practically, for energy and / or seismic redevelopment interventions of condominium buildings and main houses, the state returns more than what was spent with 110% of the rate of deduction for the documented expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 and up at December 31, 2021, to be used in five equal annual installments.

This 10% increase in the intention of the legislator is ‘Business profit’ capable of activating the liquidity advance or the total discount on the invoice of the works by the contracting company of third parties or banking / insurance institutions.

Basically, condominiums and first houses are expected to be redeveloped with important (and demanding) interventions at zero cost for the owners.

Since in reality the Sisma and Eco Bonus measures have been existing benefits for several years, and analyzing historical data on the use of these tools, there is a huge gap between the northern regions, which have been able to take advantage of it by improving their building heritage and creating a very important turnover, and the south that passively limited itself to some punctual advantage on the replacement of fixtures and boilers.

The Campania region, for example, in its best year (2018 ENEA data) took advantage of scarce 70 million relief; in the same period Lombardy authorized almost 800 million interventions, more widespread and effective.

The reason for the scarce use in the past of these funds by our territories certainly resides in structural and economic deficiencies, such as the little liquidity and long and uncertain authorization procedures, but also to one poor propensity towards innovation and little capacity to team up for a common benefit.

In the next few days i will be published implementing decrees and the indications of the Revenue Agencies that are announced resolving with respect to various operational criticalities, and for the umpteenth time we should decide whether article 119 of the Decree Law relaunch will be a lost opportunity and a reason for a greater gap compared to more dynamic realities, or finally detaching ourselves from our ‘ operating practice an activity capable of producing income, safety and energy savings.

So who are the figures who with commitment and professionalism will allow citizens to carry out important redevelopment works at zero cost, finding solutions to the critical issues that concern temporal, authorization and economic aspects?


The time window is very narrow and for authorizations for structural and landscape interventions, there is no risk of long and indeterminate expectations that would frustrate everything before even leaving.

It is therefore the task of the Administrations to equip themselves with the necessary commissions and also to set up a simplified protocol with the other bodies responsible for analyzing the practices in order to quickly and securely fire all the requests made by citizens.


The professionals who will have to plan the necessary interventions to perform and certify are obviously central figures and their success is based on their timeliness and preparation on the specific measure.

While the building contractors, who are in a moment of crisis with consequent lack of liquidity, will have to carefully analyze their economic and financial condition in order to invest in themselves and offer themselves with facilities and discounts on the invoice capable of triggering opportunities for the entire construction chain.


All deductions enjoy the assignment of credit and the discount on the invoice, also to third parties as well as to banking institutions, effectively creating an investment opportunity for those who have a fair amount of liquidity and tax credit.

So accountants and financial operators have the opportunity to offer this type of investment to their customers with a guaranteed return by the state in five years of 10% minimum, without risks that in these so ‘volatile’ times is certainly not bad.

In equal measure it is desirable that the Banks create suitable tools to allow even those who do not have the necessary liquidity to intervene and cover, as understood by the legislator, the entire cost of the intervention.

The hope is therefore that for the good of all we will succeed, each for his own, to team up and help a territory like ours that perhaps more than others needs these opportunities.

* architect Allan Cristiano

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