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ROME. The leader of the League swears that he will return to Mondragone for the “good people”, but in the meantime yesterday he had to leave the field buried by whistles, choirs, throws of water and banners among which the softer one read: “Salvini leave, think about the problems of your North ».

The town on the Domitian coast, in the province of Caserta, the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak that detonated the revolt between the community of Bulgarian laborers and the residents a week ago, has reserved a stormy welcome to the former Interior Minister. “Buffoon”, “Jackal”, “Wash us with fire” are just some of the slogans that have been assigned to him. Someone even pulled water from the bottles on him and he replied ironically “Well, I’m also hot”.

But the truth is that the tension has been high and three police officers have also been needed to appease the protest. Law enforcement agencies tried to ward off protesters by using batons as well. Matteo Salvini had to cancel the planned meeting and the visit to lido Kursaal. And he didn’t hide bitterness and disappointment: «Without those thugs the thing would have been quiet, without throwing stones, bottles and eggs. In the face of violence, one cannot speak of opportunity ». Its target is the antagonists: “I did not know that to get to Mondragone you needed the OK of the social centers. The mothers who live in these buildings called us and we came ». The protest took place near the League gazebo just outside the red area of ​​the former Cirio buildings.

While supporters surrounded him and asked for selfies, groups of protesters gave him a fool. “It is my duty to be there for the many citizens who are well present – Salvini said with journalists -. These delinquents prefer the Camorra to change but we have a tougher head and will bring some cleaning in here. These thugs also cut the wires. “

Waiting for the leader of the League were the former mayor Giovanni Schiappa, the regional councilor Gianpiero Zinzi and the MEP Valentino Grant, who branded the protests as an “attack on democracy”. Meanwhile, yet another banner paraded against Salvini with a concise but unequivocal message: “You are not welcome”.

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