Buffalo, accused of assault the 2 agents who pushed and sent 75-year-old to the hospital. 57 colleagues resign in solidarity


They appeared by videoconference before the judge Craig Hannah the two police officers of Buffalo who on Friday pushed one to the ground 75-year-old protester that after having hit his head, started lose blood and was taken to the hospital in “serious but stable” conditions. The two, accused of assault and suspended from service, they are pleaded not guilty and were released without paying any security. In solidarity with colleagues, 57 agents of the local police special unit they resigned.

A new hearing for the proceeding has been set for June 20, but the new episode has increased the tension already high among the demonstrators, in the square for over 10 days after the death of George Floyd, and the police, accused of systematics abuse of power.

But the choice of the colleagues of the two policemen goes against the current. “In 57 they resigned for the disgust faced with the treatment of the two colleagues who they were simply following orders“, Said the president of the Police Benevolent Association, John Evans. The police protest, which left the special intervention unit but not the department, comes after the governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, said he launched an investigation into the behavior of agents that appears “completely unjustified and unacceptable”.

In the first version provided, the two policemen involved stated that the 75-year-old, who had approached them only to speak, was stumbled and then hit his head during one quarrel with other demonstrators. But from the images shot by a journalist of a local radio present at the demonstrations you can see the two pushing him, one with his hand and one with a stick, and, despite the blood stain that spreads behind his head, they pull straight without stop.

The 75-year-old protester was identified in Martin Gugino, a human rights activist who has been participating in peaceful demonstrations for decades, as his lawyer explained, adding that his client is currently demanding that his privacy be respected and urges that the protests continue in a peaceful manner.

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