Bticino Livinglight with Netatmo to make homes that are not yet smarter


When it comes to smarthome and IoT are there are two currents that meet. On the one hand we have startups and a whole series of innovative products, but which perhaps struggle to integrate deeply with the ‘old’ systems that populate our homes. On the other hand, the historical brands of home systems have proceeded at first ‘with lead feet’ with first of all the compatibility with existing systems in mind and perhaps wary too much of too innovative solutions.
In this field the French group Legrand has adopted a hybrid strategy, acquiring one of the new brands – Netatmo – and entrusting the company with the task of continuing the development of innovative solutions, starting from them to study integration with the classic, widely distributed civil lines. The strategy leads today to the new series of products Bticino Livinglight with Netatmo; remember that Bticino has been part of the Legrand group since 1989.

The Livinglight series of switches and plates one of the most installed series in Italy and now aligns with the connected series Now Living, with the possibility of managing the main functions of your home: thermoregulation, lights, shutters and energy both traditionally and through the Home + Control App, available for Android and iOS, which with voice commands. The series is in fact certified to be used with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Home.
Livinglight with Netamo lends itself to the construction of new systems but its main objective is to be able to make existing systems smart too with very little effort. In fact, an existing traditional Livinglight system can be made smart and offer all the advantages of a smart home, with the simple installation of connected devices (sockets, deviators and gateways), without the need for masonry works or to replace all the devices of the home.
For example, if you want to control the lights in a smart baster mode, replace the current diverter or traditional switch with the relative diverter connected and the gateway, without necessarily intervening on the rest of the previously installed system.

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