Brothers of Senator Cesaro arrested for Camorra


It is the umpteenth investigation into the Camorra’s infiltrations into the political and business world that involves the Cesaro family. The three brothers of Forza Italia senator Luigi Cesaro have been arrested, he is under investigation. A couple of weeks ago a request for arrest was issued by the investigating magistrate of the Torre Annunziata Tribunal against the ex-strongman (together with the other pluri-criminal Nicola Cosentino) of Berlusconi in Campania. In that case the investigation was for corruption, this time instead investigates the anti-mafia prosecutor of Naples and at the center of the events reconstructed by the Carabinieri del Ros (which led to the issuance of 59 precautionary measures) there is one of the most powerful Camorra clans of the Neapolitan province: the Puca di Sant’Antimo, in business with two other important gangs, the Verde and the Ranucci.


Sant’Antimo is the town of the Cesaro. From here began Luigi’s political adventure and here his brothers, Antimo, Aniello and Raffaele, continued to do business, especially in the field of private health and affiliated with the National Health Service. But not only, because if the investigations that this morning brought Antimo Cesaro to prison and Aniello and Raffaele to house arrest, they clarified how many interests of the Puca clan there were behind the activity of the important poly-diagnostic center Igea, it also emerged that the Cesaros shared with exponents of the gang the business guaranteed by the Il Molino shopping arcade, which is now part of the assets for which the investigating judge ordered the seizure. Investigations revealed that the Cesaros paid regularly to the Puca family, handing it over to the mother of the clan chief Pasquale Puca, and that they would suffer intimidating actions (an incendiary attack on the Igea and a fan of bullets against Aniello’s car) just to be failed to pay. The investigation of the DDA of Naples also shed light on an alleged round of buying and selling votes during the administrative elections of June 2017 in Sant’Antimo (the board was dissolved due to mafia infiltrations on 20 March last), aimed at winning the center-right. And despite the fact that the operation had failed, the clans would continue to impose themselves by controlling the municipal technical office through trusted people and intimidating advisors from the majority to force them to resign.

June 9, 2020 (change June 9, 2020 | 15:40)


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