Bribes and rigged contracts on the subway in Milan, 13 arrests for 150 million tenders: there is also an ATM manager


Thirteen people were arrested by the Milan Economic and Financial Police Corps in an investigation into alleged bribes and rigged contracts. Another person is under house arrest. The charges are of criminal association aimed at carrying out multiple crimes against the public administration and in particular corruption, auction disturbance, embezzlement, abuse of office and false public deed. Dozens of alleged episodes of corruption and auction disturbances accrued in particular in the procurement sector for innovation and maintenance of the Milan metro. The investigations concerned a total of 30 individuals and 8 companies: under the lens 8 tenders for a total amount of 150 million. Between October 2018 and July 2019 “promises and cash donations” of over € were registered 125 thousand euros, in addition to various benefits and, of course, the awarding of the contracts themselves.Among those arrested figure Paolo Bellini, manager of the ATM, in the company for 24 years, in charge of the ‘signaling and automation systems’ of the underground lines, which would have received money and “other utilities” for the award of contract contracts. And it would be precisely on the tenders for the signaling system of the Green Line that the investigations of the Milan prosecutor and the arrests signed by the investigating magistrate Lorenza Pasquinelli are pinned. In addition to Bellini and other ATM officials, the managers of the private companies involved were arrested.
The Guardia di Finanza would also have collected information on a corruption episode dating back to 2006 for the signaling contract of the M1, the Red Line, “in the context of which recent critical issues have emerged (sudden emergency braking) who hit the red line. “”A system of methodical alteration of public tenders launched by ATM”, writes the finance guard, with the central figure of Bellini and the role of companies Ivm srl is Mad System srl, “occultly created and directed by the unfaithful official, together with other suspects, in order to interfere in the awarding and execution of the ATM contracts”, which is an injured party. Among the subjects involved exponents of Siemens Mobility spa, Alstom Railway, Computer Engineering, Ceit, GILC, Civil installations srl, Ctf plants – all companies registered in the register of suspects – and recipients of search and seizure orders.

According to what was reconstructed by the investigations, the mechanism was as follows: the companies interested in participating in the Atm tenders were offered Bellini’s advice in the form of the supply of material and privileged information – stolen from Atm – with reserved inspections and “even the supervision and correction of the offer drafts, up to the precise indication of the reduction percentages to be offered to ATM “to win the tenders. In exchange, this, for the promise of cash payments proportionate to the contract and scheduled on a monthly basis, as well as the commitment of the companies to involve the companies chosen by Bellini as subcontractors, which would also have piloted some staff hires in the transport company, ” favoring subjects lacking the necessary professionalism and skills, but linked to the companies that remunerated him illegally, therefore included in the working group under his control, thus guaranteeing him absolute confidentiality in the illegal management of the executive phase of the works “.

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