Brexit negotiations, trusting London is increasingly difficult


Covered by the hype of the pandemic, the Brexit phase 2 negotiation is inexorably sliding towards the precipice. Yesterday ended the last phase of (remote) talks: There has been no significant progress, announced the European chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, because it is not a question of method but of substance. In practice, Barnier accused, the London government is taking back the commitments it made at the end of last year, when Boris Johnson had signed a Political Declaration setting out the terms of future relations between Britain and the European Union. In yesterday afternoon’s press conference, Barnier reread point by point the passages of the text that had been accepted by Johnson: and which is now being rejected. The knot of contending the so-called level playing field, that equal conditions that London undertook to maintain in order not to transform itself into a kind of paradise offshore at the gates of the EU and therefore engage in unfair competition.

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