Brazil: Bolsonaro wants to make ‘peace’ with the Supreme Court – Last Hour


(ANSA) – BRASILIA, JUNE 26 – Sudden change of tone of the
Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, after weeks of
tensions with the judicial and legislative powers: yesterday, during
a ceremony in the Palacio do Planalto, seat of the Presidency
of the Republic in Brasilia, proposed to the President of the
Supreme Court, Antonio Dias Toffoli, to sign an agreement

“Deputies, senators, members of the Court, is mainly with the
peace, all aware of our responsibilities, that
we can bring Brazil to where it should be, “he said
said the head of state.

The Brazilian high court recently started two
investigations: one on the alleged participation of parliamentarians and
pro-government entrepreneurs in; an organization that would
financed demonstrations praising the coup e
another on a network responsible for the disclosure of fake
news containing intimidation to judges.

On the occasion, Bolsonaro had used harder words,
going so far as to say “have enough”, a message that some
observers interpreted it as a coup threat.



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