“Bravo Ciccio, you are very good …” So the attack on Salvini started


Days go by and the position of the anti-Salvini magistrates only gets worse. The publication of chats on Whatsapp has unleashed a real storm, which has caused the same Superior Council of the judiciary (CSM) to wobble, which the leader of the League has even asked for the dissolution by addressing the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

If the constitutional body remains armored in any case, the same cannot be said of the magistrate Luca Palamara which, despite the hasty apologies, continues to be in the eye of the storm. According to the last article of “The truth”, the attacks targeting the former vice premier were well researched and targeted. It would not have been a misunderstanding.

The magistrates involved wanted to attack Matteo Salvini, but they had noticed how close the Italian citizens were to their interior minister, since the case of the ship Diciotti (summer 2018).

Finished at the center of the media debate, Luca Palamara considers himself one victim, and the other night he tried to defend himself during the broadcast “It’s not the Arena” by Giletti: “I anticipated Covid: whoever implemented social distancing with me was saved”he said, as reported by “Huffington post”. “I absolute evil? It might be convenient for someone to make him think. Of course I didn’t invent the current system in the judiciary “, has continued. And, as regards the words against Salvini:“We want to summarize a reasoning in a hasty and wrong way. That’s a sentence decontextualized“.

Yet that Luca Palamara was involved in a sort of machinations aimed at damaging the leader of the Carroccio seems all too evident from the messages. Committed to preparing a press release for the Superior Council of the judiciary aimed at attacking Matteo Salvini, on 25 August 2018 Palamara confides in Francesco Cananzi, current secretary general Unicost, without finding his support. In fact, the colleague is hesitant:“But didn’t we say it wasn’t the case?”

“I too am afraid to create a martyr but an interior minister cannot afford to tell any prosecutor in the Republic what he should or should not do. Regardless of whether the prosecutor is wrong or not. It undermines the fundamentals of the rule of law “, Palamara replies. “It seems to me that in this way we not only make him a victim, but we weaken and pollute the investigation”, however, continues Cananzi.

Despite the doubts and hesitations, it was decided to proceed against Salvini anyway, and the arrows began. On the same day of the messages in Cananzi, the whatsapp of Francesco Minisci, President of the National Magistrates Association. “I made the announcement. In a little while you will find it online “, writes the magistrate, referring to a rather heavy document, which bears the signatures of the entire central executive board. A document that contains a very hard one harangue against the then Minister of the Interior, accused, among other things, of having “issued declarations tending to guide the development of investigations with regard to potentially responsible subjects“, As reported by” The Truth “. “No other person can replace the magistrates”, The statement continues. “Neither suggest or dictate the judicial ways to go, not even a member of the government, who has an institutional duty to respect the constitutional prerogatives of the judiciary“.

The document issued by the president ofAnm exalts Luca Palamara, who is definitely satisfied. His statements, moreover, are written in black and white:“Bravo Ciccio … Bravissimo”.

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