Boris Johnson exhausted, without a compass (and pressed into the family): is he already at the terminus?


And in the end, yesterday, literally crashed: Boris Johnson’s Jaguar collided with a security car in front of Westminster, remedying a bad dent.

But the British Prime Minister has been chasing fools for days. Manchester United star Marcus Rashford forced him to a humiliating backtrack on meal tickets for poor children; while as many as three former prime ministers (Cameron, Brown and Blair) publicly attacked his decision to dissolve the ministry for international cooperation.

The impression that Boris spins, who cannot find a way out of the coronavirus emergency: and a personal rather than a political drift. It seems that he has not fully recovered from the illness, which in April saw him one step away from death: they say that in the afternoon you take naps of even two to three hours (but Downing Street denies); in any case, he looks tired, dark circles, pants, stutters. And family pressure adds to the debilitated physique: his young fiancée, 32 year old Carrie Symonds, super demanding, wants him involved in the care of his newborn son. And the circle of friends (or former ones) complains the absence of his ex-wife Marina, the lawyer defined an extraordinary brain that for a long time has represented a psychological anchor for Boris.

a chaos highlighted by the Cummings case, the super-adviser who had violated the quarantine and who Boris was unable to send away despite popular outrage: because he revealed that the naked king, that Johnson alone does not know what to do and needs a prompter to tell him.

The majority of the conservative party are worried, even the friendly newspapers urge Boris to shake himself and find himself. Because now Labor, after the years of drunkenness under Jeremy Corbyn, have found a credible leader in Keir Starmer, who in the polls has now hooked the premier.

The point that the one between Johnson and the conservatives had always been a marriage of convenience: the party had put him on the throne because he was the only one able to win the election (as he did), but in reality he had never loved him, considering him an unreliable histrion. And now that the pandemic has plunged Britain into an unprecedented economic crisis, which requires one leadership at the height, all doubts emerge. At the sideline it warms up already the ambitious and popular Chancellor of the Exchequer, that Rishi Sunak who has surrounded himself with a competent team and is carefully cultivating relations within the party. If the country’s situation were to turn to an emergency, who would feel like excluding a running replacement?

June 17, 2020 (change June 17, 2020 | 10:02 pm)


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