Borgo di Ostia Antica shines with new light: here is the new lighting system


New light for the Borgo di Ostia Antica, one of the jewels of the territory of Municipio X together with the archaeological excavations.

In fact, the new lighting system of a symbol of the capital was inaugurated yesterday evening. The lighting ceremony was attended by the Mayor Raggi, the President Giuliana Di Pillo, the operational director of Acea Giovanni Papaleo, numerous civil authorities and representatives of the police forces as well as hundreds of citizens.

To welcome those present, the figures of the Palio of Ostia Antica with the flag wavers to underline the historical peculiarity of the Borgo.

An honor to be here tonight– the President began Giuliana Di Pillo– in this extraordinary Borgo, a magical place, a neighborhood where a splendid and collaborative community with our Administration resides. A collaboration that becomes more intense on the occasion of the Palio di Ostia Antica, a historical reconstruction in which all citizens take part. An extra incentive for tourism and we want the experience of those who come to visit our area to be unique“.

We are here– began the Mayor Raggito turn on the village with a new light that recalls all the features present, highlighting and making the Castle of Julius II and the Church of Sant’Aurea shine. So new light for these symbols in such a special place“.

The intervention that we have structured to redevelop the Borgo– stated the operational director of Acea Giovanni Papaleohas seen the replacement of 15 “Trastevere” lampposts which respond to the characteristics of ecological and circular economy and above all to the requirements of the Superintendency of the Municipality of Rome. They give off a light that reflects that of the old lamps from the early 1900s. In addition, 5 projectors from the Borgo were renovated and we still modernized the 20 projectors from the Castle of Giulio II “.

Sindaca Raggi got to talk with Sami Modiano, one of the witnesses of the atrocities of Auschwitz and residing in Ostia and with Augustine Ugbomah parish priest of the Cathedral, which was also the subject of a brief visit by the first town.

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