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The movement Black Lives Matter it can be a great opportunity for the United States. He is convinced of this Massimo Teodori, among the major Italian Americanists, these days in the library with his latest book, published by Rubbettino «The American genius. Defeat Trump and the global pandemic“, Who thus commented on recent overseas events:
“The racist behavior towards black people in the police districts, which emerged with the killers of Floyd in Minneapolis and Brook in Atlanta, aggravated the material and moral crisis that divided America after the pandemic. Elections are coming: racism can be stemmed by a great nonviolent protest rather than by looting and angry fires. Violence always calls for other violence. Black leaders and characters (like James LeBron) urge their brothers to register en masse to weigh on the presidential vote. Trump’s ambiguous attitude towards racists can only be defeated by a large electoral participation of non-whites who mostly vote democratic. If the liberal democracy of the “American genius” prevails over authoritarian populism, the positive effects will be felt on the whole of the West and not only on the United States “.

In short, if African Americans end their anti-racist protest by voting, liberal democracy will be able to defeat Trump’s authoritarian populism and once again the “American genius” will triumph.

With the Covid-19 raid, the US 2020 presidential elections have become even more relevant not only for America but for the whole West. The richest nation in the world reveals its weak side: neither the strength of arms nor the power of the dollar are able to face the challenge of the moment. American democracy has been able to resist wars, social crises and autocratic attempts: will it now be able to beat Trump and recover from the pandemic? Its strength is the American genius that rests on the Rule of Law and the Bill of Rights. Since 1790, the heart of the nation has been beating to the rhythm of the presidential vote that this year too has chosen its leader. America First has spawned many abuses of power. In the past, other movements (nativism, McCarthyism, militarism) have converted patriotism into nationalism and love for their community into racism, without however making America illiberal except for limited periods. So far the nation has found antidotes to resist the involution and defend its regime of freedom. What will happen to the presidential elections in November in the face of Trump’s impetus and the Covid-19 test?

Massimo Teodori with the experience of the historian identifies the dilemmas of the moment: financial hegemony or respect for human rights? Populism or democracy? If confirmed, the current President could illiberally transform the institutions with damage to the democratic West. If Joe Biden goes to the White House, the United States could resume the internal and foreign main road outlined by the American genius.

Massimo Teodori, professor of United States History and Institutions, is the author of United States History and the American Political System, the most widespread manual on the subject in Italy. He has been a radical parliamentarian for three legislatures, distinguished by battles on civil rights. As a commentator he collaborates with radio, TV and Italian and foreign newspapers. This is his fiftieth volume: among the Americanistic precedents we mention the bestsellers Cursed Americans (2002) and Benedetti Americans (2003), Racconta l’America (2005), Obama the Great (2016), American Obsessions (2018). He has won numerous awards, and received, first in Italy, the “Golden Menorah”. With Rubbettino he published Risorgimento laico (2011).

(Riccardo Alfonso)

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