Bonus TV, 145 million still available (and how to use them)


So far 96 thousand grants have been paid to purchase televisions compatible with the new digital terrestrial TV and prepare for the switch off of 2022

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It is true that the facilities expire on the latest December 31, 2022, but so far gods 151 million euros allocated for the TV bonus have been spent less than 5 million. To be exact, according to data provided by the Ministry of Economic Development a Wired, 4.78 million. Overall, since the beginning whistle on 18 December 2019, they have been disbursed 96,202 contributions to help families with low incomes to buy latest generation televisions or decoder to enable the devices to receive the new digital terrestrial (Dvb-T2).

Since in July 2022 the television stations will have to clear the frequencies of 700 megahertz (Mhz) to make room for the signal of the 5G, the government has allocated aid for the purchase of new appliances. A 151 million package, which translates into one discount of 50 euros on the purchase for families who have an Isee (an income indicator) below 20 thousand euros, applied directly to the cashier by the seller.

The numbers of the tv bonus

The estimate is that around 18 million families have to put their wallet in hand to update their appliance, while around 3.4 million would be down ready to meet the DVB-T2. For the Ugo Bordoni Foundation, which studied the payment of the TV bonus, the peak of questions between February 13 and 19, with 6,758 grants awarded. Then the effects of the coronavirus containment measures made purchases collapse between March and April, while a recovery on the pre-Covid-19 rhythms is observed in May. In 87.2% of cases, families used the discount on the purchase of a TV. Expenditure on i. Is clearly a minority (12.8%) decoder.

Information campaign

For the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise), Mirella Liuzzi, “coronavirus has affected“On the progress of the bonus, so much so that” appena there was the recovery in May, we recorded identical numbers in January and February“. To push the use of the tool, “we will do one information campaign more structured, also on social networks and in shopping centers”, Liuzzi announces to Wired. He will leave, he adds, “at the beginning of the next school year and at relevant sporting events“.

Compared to the trend in numbers (only 100 million are available for 2020) Liuzzi believes that “there is no need to run. There’s time“. Overall, the campaign will initially have a more informative cut on the TV bonus and then focus on switch off deadlines.

From shopkeepers to consumers

Even for sellers, stronger communication is needed. Davide Rossi, general manager of Aires, the abbreviation of Confcommercio which represents the chains specialized in electronics (Euronics, Expert, Unieuro and Gre group, which owns Trony), suggests to eliminate the ceiling of 20 thousand euros from Isee to push sales. “Otherwise resources are not used with these numbers”, He warns.

On average in Italy 4 million televisions are sold every year, with a decreasing trend, linked to the new screens from which videos and TV series, such as smartphones, are consumed. “Those who are most in difficulty have a closer time horizon and do not think about changing TV today for a 2022 signal change”, Says Rossi. The consumer association echoes this Altroconsumo. Also for the spokesman Ivo Tarantino, “a family with a maximum Isee of 20 thousand euros in these months has other priorities“.

Thin out bureaucracy

Rossi also suggests to simplify the process to request the TV bonus from the shopkeepers. “We had to register on a platform of theRevenue agency to be able to present the electronic communications”, Says Sabrina Penatti, Euronics category manager. On the portal, he explains, every time they have to be inserted “the data of the buyer and those of the device he intends to purchase: ean, sale price, discount applied“, Then confirm”the presence of the substitute declaration”(Which keeps the shop) and wait at that point for the green light. For the manager “this bureaucratic process becomes very time-consuming, especially when there are many customers to follow“, So much so that the chain has not seen any increase in sales of televisions linked to the bonus. Penatti’s suggestion is from send to all potential beneficiaries “a letter to advise them of the possibility of using the TV bonus, to be presented in the shop together with their document. We could then simply collect these documents at the cash desk and send them periodically, with digital scanning, to the Mise“.

Online, the platform monclick (Unieuro group) announces that it has not yet implemented the process to use the bonus and is considering a future integration. Rossi’s advice is to pay attention with third party vendors on marketplace platforms, so that they do not split up as updated old goods. Better to consult the ministry list first.

It would also be useful for Rossi to put one coordination figure at Mise dedicated to the match and to make accessible data on the progress of the contribution, in order to measure the numbers of disbursements and the possible effects of promotional campaigns day by day and at a territorial level. “We want to avoid a race to the last, when we may have logistical and distribution problems”, Explains the manager of Aires. Liuzzi says she is open “to evaluate requests for simplification“. On an enlargement of the stalls and on the times, for now the Mise remains at the window: first he wants study the use of the bonus after the emergency and, in case, intervene along the way.

What people who want to change TV need to know

To understand if your device can receive the new digital terrestrial, just go to test channels 100 and 200. After retuning them, if you see the writing “Hevc Main10 test”, Then the TV is already set up. If you find another station or you do not receive it, it is better to try to retune. If you don’t see the writing or the screen appears black, there is a good chance that the device will need to be changed.

Typically decoders and televisions launched on the market after 2017 are ready for the signal change. However the Mise takes care of one list of updated products. And on the ministry website you can also download the application form to be presented in the shop (together with an identity document and tax code). The seller will immediately apply the 50 euro discount, by registering the buyer data on the Revenue Agency website to obtain the rebate the following month.

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