Bonus business rentals (and not only) already operational. How it works, the circular in Pdf


Rome, 8 June 2020 – Immediately operational on bonus rentals, one of the measures provided for by Revival decree to push the post-restartCovid. And attention: the tax credit it’s not just about companies and dealers, but also the fixed-rate VAT and non-profit entities, including those of third sector and civilly recognized entities – such as religious ones – which carry out “institutional activities of general interest” and who will be able to benefit not only from the commercial side. Clarifications and details are contained in the circular issued yesterday byRevenue Agency. The rental bonus is “an aid to restarting,” said Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri. While Deputy Minister Laura Castelli stressed that it is “immediately operational”. For Vito Crimi, M5s political leader, the measure is “an important support for companies and entrepreneurs”.

What is the rental bonus

First of all it should be specified that the measure translates into a tax credit of the monthly fee for the rental, leasing or leasing of non-residential properties intended for industrial, commercial, artisanal and agricultural activities.

It means that 60% – 30% for company rents – can be discounted from taxes paid as a fee for the closing quarter. Attention: to enjoy the bonus, the fee must have been actually paid. Alternatively, the possibility of using the tax credit remains suspended until the moment of payment. If, on the other hand, the rent has been paid in advance, the installments relating to the months of use of the benefit must be identified by parameterising them to the overall duration of the contract.

How does it work

The amount may be offset against other taxes due with the model F24 (indicating the tax code “6920”) in the tax declaration or, alternatively, it can be transferred. There is no cap on the amount that can be discounted. Obviously the historical premises, or a building used as a hotel, or the establishments that pay more than rent, in the face of the missed collections, will have a decidedly substantial benefit, even in the order of a few tens of thousands of euros.

Who is up to it

Not everyone is entitled to the bonus: the tax credit is only for those who carry out an economic activity who have suffered a reduction in turnover or fees in each of the months of March, April and May by at least 50% compared to the same month of the previous tax period. The drop in turnover or fees must be verified month by month.

It may happen that this reduction occurs in one or two months, this implies that the tax credit will only be due for the periods in which it has fallen below this turnover threshold. The condition of the drop in turnover applies only to tenants engaged in economic activity. For non-commercial entities, this verification is not envisaged with reference to institutional activity. For these subjects, therefore, the requirement to be respected (in addition to not having achieved income flows in excess of € 5 million in the previous year) is that the property for which the rent is paid has a non-residential destination and is intended for institutional activities.

Revenue Agency

Download the circular in Pdf

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