Boniek reveals: “Milik at Juventus? I spoke to Arek, he told me everything!”


Zibi Boniek, a former footballer from Rome and Juventus, currently president of the Polish Football Association, has made some statements to Onet Sport.

Zibi Boniek, president of the Polish Football Federation, in an interview with microphones by Onet Sport has revealed a background concerning the Napoli striker, Milik. Here are some steps: “I spoke with Arek a few days ago. I asked him to tell me the truth about the rumors that want him close to Juventus. He replied that at the moment there is still nothing concrete. Obviously everything is in the hands of his agents and of the two clubs. So it’s about waiting. But I think Arek is a striker capable of playing in any team in the world, I don’t like to talk about the market, but if he had the opportunity to go to Juve he should go. He confirmed that much will depend on the agreements between the parties, at this stage he has not yet been consulted, but I think Juventus is one of the most organized and strong clubs in the world “.

Napoli and Milik have long frozen any talk about possible renewal. With each passing day, the feeling is that everyone will go on their way. The contract is expiring next year, impossible to go on together: either renewal or transfer immediately. However, the Polish striker does not like only Sarri’s Juventus. For some time, on its tracks, there is also Arsenal. It is a race against time, De Laurentiis does not intend to have a player in pink who would lose on a free transfer. Napoli wants to collect 40 million with the sale of the Pole and, meanwhile, has identified Osimhen as the right heir.

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