Bologna, Mihajlovic: “I had to wait for Juventus to have a serious referee”


Sinisa’s words Mihajlovic to Sky Sport after his defeat Bologna against the Juventus (0-2): “Unfortunately we lost, but it was a balanced game. We knew that Juventus would have been angry, he would never have missed the third game in a row. In the final we tried to make changes, but we have many players out : the young people who entered did well but we weren’t too dangerous. The boys had the game they had to play. We tried, there was a little courage and quality. I don’t care if you lose the ball, though I want to see that we are trying to put an idea into practice. My team must take the field with the mentality of trying to put anyone in difficulty, it is not in my nature to be behind. ”

A judgment on the penalty awarded to Juventus?
“There are always thrusts in the area, it could have happened to us even if they scored in the area. I have no problems, too bad that he had to wait for Juventus to have a serious referee. I would have liked Rocchi in other games too”.

“He was not ready yet, physically he had a bit of problems. There is time for everyone: one can be decisive even when he enters, not only from the beginning. We have only made two goals off the bench this year, I expect a lot more from those who leave outside. ”

About the disease:
“I have never lost the will to live. Being afraid is a positive feeling, but you have to fight it and overcome it to go further. This is my way of thinking, I always try not to throw myself down. You have to be strong of head and physique. Then we have to give credit to the doctors, they did a wonderful job. Now I enjoy even the simplest things, I have become more thoughtful “.


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