Bologna, hits his wife with a punch and shouts: “You are a communist, long live the leader”


BOLOGNA – During a fight at home he attacked his 41-year-old wife by punching her in the back of the neck. When the carabinieri intervened, the man, 39 years old, from Pieve di Cento – went on a rampage, yelling at the woman phrases like “Communist of m …! You are not Italian, you do not have a residence permit! Viva il duce!”, indicating a bust depicting Benito Mussolini. The man, who has a police record for drug and drug offenses, was taken to the barracks, while the woman was treated in the emergency room. At the disposal of the public prosecutor, the 39-year-old was translated into prison.


Reggio Emilia, beating and threatening his wife, attacks the son

In the last hours the carabinieri intervened for two more episodes of violence in the family. TO Bologna, for the blows made by a 23 year old against his father and two younger brothers (15 and 18 years) during the umpteenth family dispute, caused by his violent and dangerous character. Upon arrival of the military, the young man – who has a police record – was handcuffed and taken to prison.TO Castiglione dei Pepoli a 27-year-old was arrested for punching his girlfriend on the nose. Yesterday night two soldiers, free from service, noticed that a boy was chasing a young woman with a face covered in blood who was calling for help. Reached by the carabinieri, the girl, 24 years old, was taken to the emergency room, while her boyfriend was accompanied to the barracks. He also has police records for specific crimes and for drugs: he was detained in the security room, pending the arrest validation hearing.

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