blow between owners and customers, 12 reported


CHIOGGIA – «I se masse, i se cope “, or” They kill each other, kill themselves “. It was with these words that the local police patrol that had just started, on Sunday afternoon, around 6.30 pm, the last patrol tour of the day, was warned of what was happening at the Al Faro restaurant, not far from the headquarters of the command. And on the spot they found full confirmation of the alarm: an unknown number of people, men and women, who were giving each other good luck, punching, kicking and, perhaps, even biting, given the amount of blood that many of they had on them, because of the wounds to the nose and mouth, and that smeared different areas of the room. To calm the spirits, four local police officers intervened, the two officers of the police station steering wheel and two carabinieri, all called by those who were witnessing the battle.

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18 year old waitress raped by the cook: the family goes to the restaurant and takes revenge

In the end, however, of witnesses, extraneous to the incident, there was none: the eventual spectators had all vanished, and there were only the twelve people that the police had managed to stop and that, to an extent major or minor, had been involved. Note that nine of these were found to have precedents of various kinds, while three are uncensored. Local police are proceeding on the incident, but they are still ascertaining the individual positions, even if the most likely accusation that will be made against them is that of a fight, that is, with equal guilt on the part of all the contenders.

The latter are, on the one hand, the owners, husband and wife, of the restaurant and, on the other, the group, made up entirely of Chioggiotti, with the nine affected. It is not clear at the moment whether and to which faction the identified twelfth was referring. Everything would have been caused by the usual futile reasons and by the fumes of alcohol. The party of the nine and some of their friends (they were twelve in all) had arrived at the lighthouse for lunch but, later, she would have refrained from making a whisper, well after the closing time (15), with further hiring of alcohol throughout the afternoon.

At a certain moment, a woman in the group, perhaps a little on the edge, would repeatedly complain to the owner about the quality of the service, regardless of the calls for calm. The fact is that the two women first clashed verbally and then squabbled. Immediately afterwards the respective male partners entered the scene (“to separate them” or “to defend her”, according to the various declarations) and the clash became irrepressible, until the arrival of the police and two ambulances of the Suem. But it wasn’t over yet. Invited to be visited in the emergency room, in fact, not all the wounded joined immediately. The bar owner (who had a 15-day prognosis) certainly went, accompanied by his daughter and, at the hospital, he met the woman who had given rise to the crime, accompanied by his son. A new clash between the parties, from which the girl came out with a fractured tibia, “attacked from behind by the boy” reports the mother. «Today (yesterday, ed.) We opened the same. In spite of everything, the woman reports. After three months of closure we have so much need to work and people like that only cause us harm ».

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