Blood group 0 and coronavirus: is it true that it protects more?


Group 0

More specifically, Type O blood can be protective against the new virus. Indeed, the first results indicate that people with type 0 blood are between 9 and 18% less likely to test positive for Covid-19 compared to other participants with other blood groups. And those who are most exposed to coronavirus (like healthcare professionals) have 13-26% less chance of contracting the virus. These results are valid if they are appropriate for age, gender, body mass index, ethnicity and comorbidities, observed the company, adding that there seem to be small differences in susceptibility between other blood groups. The research only looked at the susceptibility and not the severity of the disease.

Group A more protected

Already a European study published last week found that the group 0 was associated with a lower risk of contracting the virus and that patients with type A blood are 50% more likely to need oxygen or assisted ventilation. The investigation, not yet under review, the result of the collaboration between doctors from Germany, Italy, Norway and Spain. Blood samples were collected from 1,610 patients who needed oxygen or who had undergone ventilation. A team from the University of Kiel in Germany extracted DNA from the samples and scanned it using a technique called genotyping. 9 million letters were examined in each patient’s genome rather than analyzing the entire sequence of 3 billion letters for each person, reports the New York Times. The researchers found that type A blood appears to be a risk factor for Covid-19 complications. The European study appears to confirm a similar investigation conducted in two hospitals in Wuhan and in a Shenzen hospital where it was noted that people with group O blood were more resistant to Sars-CoV2 while those with type A blood were more at risk. From the data it emerged that among the patients studied at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, 37.75% of the infected had group A and 9.10% had group O. Of the 206 patients who died as a result of the virus, 41.26% had type A blood. While only about 25% of the deaths were of people with type O blood.

The comment: inconsistent and inconsistent data

All the studies cited have not yet been published and await a scientific review. One not even finished. For this the results must be taken with extreme caution. They are not very solid data and do not have significant protective significance, he comments Mannuccio Mannucci, renowned hematologist, former director of the Polyclinic of Milan. Moreover – he adds – the data are in contrast with what epidemiliology tells us. We know that many of Covid-19 patients do not die from pneumonia but from thrombosis caused by clots and we know, and this is a solid fact, that who of the negative blood type 0 has a higher risk of experiencing thrombosis. Protection is not given by the blood group but by social distancing and the use of masks.

June 10, 2020 (change June 10, 2020 | 9:29 pm)


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