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ROME. After the statue of Indro Montanelli smeared in Milan, demonstrative gestures against symbols believed to be racist after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis also arrived in Rome. During the night at the Pincio the bust of Antonio Baldissera, general at the head of the Italian troops in Eritrea and governor of the Italian colony at the end of the 19th century, was covered with red paint.

The action was claimed by the “Let’s Stay Human Network” which aims to dismantle the symbols of colonialism even in the capital, condemning “the brutality committed by men that our institutions still continue to celebrate today as great personalities who have shaped the culture of this country. , removing the truth about the violence and exterminations committed by Italians in Africa “.

Anti-racist raid in Rome, red paint on Baldissera’s bust

The symbols
The gesture follows the wave of protests that started in the United States against the symbols of colonial history and slavery also in Europe. After the demonstration in Piazza del Popolo, the action continued by targeting street signs: the names of the street and Largo dell’Amba Aradam were changed, naming them to George Floyd and Bilal Ben Messaud. Activists write on social media: «From the USA to the shores of the Mediterranean, the protest will not stop. With the protesters who from Minneapolis filled the squares against racism and laid colonial symbols, we dismantle the symbols of colonialism in Rome. “

Anti-racist raid in Rome: street names change: “No station has the name of oppression”

“Some of our streets recall shameful massacres committed by Italian soldiers in Ethiopia – they argue – some monuments instead confer eternal glory on men guilty of the worst atrocities towards mankind; this should reinforce a narrative that continues to deny the violence that characterized the colonial expansion of European countries, including Italy, and goes to celebrate and justify white supremacy “.

Hence the request that the new metro line C station not be dedicated to the battle of the Amba Aradam which opposed the Italian fascist troops to the Ethiopian resistance and in which 20,000 men were killed.

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