Blitz Cutrara, notice of guarantee and search for the mayor of Castellammare


The Carabinieri of the Investigative Unit of the Provincial Command of Trapani, have arrested, in execution of the order for precautionary custody issued by the G.I.P. of the Court of Palermo at the request of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office – DDA – ordinance 14 members of the mafia family of Castellamare del Golfo, for mafia-type association, extortion, theft, aiding and abetting, violation of special surveillance and more, all crimes aggravated by the mafia method . Another 11 people were reported on the loose. Dozens of searches were also carried out.
The operation involved 200 military personnel engaged with the support of naval units, aircrafts and specialized departments such as the Hunters of Sicily Squadron, as well as dog units for the search for weapons. Dozens of searches are also underway.
The investigations, coordinated by the Chief Prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, the Deputy Prosecutor Paolo Guido and the Deputy Prosecutors Gianluca De Leo and Francesca Dessì, have made it possible to disarticulate the mafia family of Castellamare del Golfo, which despite internal strife, sees firmly at the top the prejudiced DOMINGO Francesco, nicknamed Tempesta, already sentenced to 19 years in prison for mafia-like association and other and returned to freedom in March 2015.
The mafia family of Castellamare del Golfo, joined to that of Alcamo after the first mafia war which saw the supremacy of the Corleonesi, had been reconstituted in 1993 and the regency was entrusted to Gioacchino CALABRÒ, subsequently, as judicially ascertained, DOMINGO had inherited the regency from 1997 until 2004, continuing to exercise, for some years, its power also from inside the prison.
The same sentence with which he was convicted at the time had also ascertained that DOMINGO had played the role of intermediary between Cosa Nostra and a criminal organization operating in Sardinia and this in that Giovanni BRUSCA and Matteo MESSINA DENARO had planned some retaliatory acts against the Prison guards who in Sardinia, in their opinion, would have been responsible for serious ill-treatment against prisoners under the regime referred to in art. 41 bis o.p.
Even the organization of a meeting (which actually took place, as judicially reconstructed in the aforementioned sentence) between Gaspare SPATUZZA and Matteo MESSINA DENARO, at the time both fugitives, meeting in which the decisions had been taken on the custody of the weapons available to the mafia families of Trapani.
The investigations of the Carabinieri have shown that, even after having served the long prison sentence, DOMINGO had immediately summarized the role of head of the family since his release and that he had a large group of acolytes.
The position covered by Tempesta was unanimously recognized also by the joints of the Cosa Nostra: in fact he was interested by VIRGA Francesco, top of the mafia mandate of Trapani, already arrested in the operation of the Carabinieri Scrigno and today reached by a new order of precautionary custody in prison for mafia association and extortion, to force, in competition with the arrested ANGILERI Diego, a farmer from Castellammare di Puglia to sell a vast plot of land that led to the districts of Marsala.
But the authority and role of DOMINGO Francesco, as the top authority among the Trapani mafia joints, was also recognized in the United States of America where, as is known, “cells” of the Cosa Nostra have long been established and developed.
In fact, numerous visits, intercepted by the bugs and cameras of the Carabinieri, by mafia members of the Italian-American Bonanno family from New York who updated the chief of the Castellammare mafia of the dynamics and balances of the Cosa Nostra overseas. But the American mafiosi also asked DOMINGO for authorization to speak with other representatives of Alcamo’s mandate, pleaded the causes of acquaintances at home, as well as conveyed messages between Domingo and the associates in America.
Just with reference to relations with the American Cosa Nostra DOMINGO met, also in the summer of 2018, also the boss of Sciacca (AG) DIMINO Accursio, then arrested in November last year, and subsequently his emissaries.
The mafia family of Castellamare del Golfo, however, is also very active in the area of ​​competence by acquiring direct and indirect management and control of economic activities, carrying out intimidating acts as well as, as regards the affiliates arrested arrested DOMINGO Camillo, MERCHANT Salvatore, STABLE Sebastiano and VALENTI Carlo, committing the so-called purpose-crimes of the association. One example is the commission of numerous extortions against especially agricultural and construction contractors who forced, through threats or violence, to pay sums of money intended to satisfy the needs and requirements of the mafia organization.
But DOMINGO was, as in the best mafia traditions, the referent of the affiliates for the resolution of disputes within the same family. Thus it happened that the Mafia boss intervened during an attempted extortion perpetrated by the arrested MULE ‘Gaspare Maurizio, affiliated near the faction opposite to DOMINGO, against an entrepreneur from Castellammare del Golfo from which he claimed the sum of 3,000 euros as compensation for a dismissal.
DOMINGO was still interested in the recovery of stolen agricultural vehicles to the detriment of agricultural entrepreneurs in the area or for the entrusting of private jobs to businesses close to the family who could thus feed the common fund and provided for the support of the affiliates held.
As part of the operation, 11 other people were also reported for various crimes, all aggravated by having facilitated Cosa Nostra.
The Carabinieri, at the disposal of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, are also searching the home and the office of the Mayor of the coastal Municipality, who has been the recipient of information of guarantee and invitation to make interrogation before the Judicial Authority.
A former municipal councilor of Castellamare del Golfo who had asked DOMINGO to take action for the recovery of an agricultural vehicle that had been stolen from him, as well as a lawyer, former municipal councilor of Trapani, who had competed with DOMINGO and VIRGA Francesco in extortion to an agricultural entrepreneur.


  1. DOMINGO Francesco, cl. 56 of Castellamare del Golfo
  2. ANGILERI Diego, cl. 37 of Marsala (home)
  3. BUCCELLATO Felice, cl. 41 of Castellamare del Golfo (home)
  4. DI STEFANO Rosario Antonino, cl. 69 of Castellammare del Golfo
  5. DOMINGO Camillo, cl. 57 of Castellamare del Golfo
  6. THE HALL Daniele, cl. 80 of Castellamare del Golfo
  7. MERCADANTE Salvatore, cl. 85 of Castellamare del Golfo
  8. MULE ’Maurizio Gaspare, cl. 66 of Castellamare del Golfo
  9. SABELLA Antonino, cl. 57 of Castellamare del Golfo
  10. STABLE Sebastiano cl. 47 of Castellamare del Golfo (home)
  11. SABILE Francesco, cl. 59 of the Castellamare del Golfo
  12. VALENTI Carlo, cl. 78 of Castellamare del Golfo
  13. VIRGA Francesco, cl. 70 of Trapani

The measure was also directed against SOTTILE Benedetto cl. 48, which however died in 2018.

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