Black Lives protester Matter carries an injured right-wing extremist on his shoulder. The symbol photo


Not just clashes, blood and smeared statues. Fortunately, other images come from the streets of London. They are those who portray Patrick Hutchinson, a personal trainer of African origins, carrying an injured man on his shoulder: a white man, militant of the far right, according to reports from the British press.

Hutchinson, interviewed by CNN, said he went to London for the first time on Saturday to protest Black Lives Matter. He explained that he intervened to “avoid a catastrophe: suddenly we went from Black Lives Matter to young people killing protesters, a message that we were just trying to avoid”.

After seeing the man curled up on the ground on some steps, surrounded by demonstrators, Hutchinson said he had not attempted to reason to understand if it was a counter-demonstrator or a man with racial prejudices, but he tried to rescue him.

The demonstrations on Saturday ended with a hundred arrests taken following the violence of right-wing extremists against Black Lives Matter protesters. After forming a protective cordon next to the man in difficulty with a friend, Hutchinson loaded it on his shoulders and handed it over to the police.

“I didn’t think much about it, his life was in danger … But if the other three police officers who were standing when George Floyd was murdered, had intervened and prevented their colleague from doing what he was doing, George Floyd would be alive today, ”he commented. “I just want equality,
equality for all of us. At the moment the balance is not equanimous and I just want things to be fair for my children and grandchildren. “

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