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[Rassegna stampa] – Mattia Binotto, a month or so before the start of the 2020 world championship, has recharged his batteries at home and is now ready to resume his journey with Formula 1. However, in recent months he has kept him busy, between regulations and opportunities lost, like that of the sprint race on which he had aimed to remove ‘boredom’ from the double Grand Prix.

In the last two and a half months, Mattia Binotto has had to find a new Ferrari driver, prepare for a world championship among the hostage countries of the coronavirus and write, together with the other teams, the rules of the new Formula 1. «I also solved the list of things to do that my wife wrote to me years ago. The long break at home, for me who travels from one point to another on the planet, has recharged me. I was with the family, I worked the same and I recovered physical and mental energies “, says the Ferrari team principal.
The most difficult moments? “In some cases we fought alone for things we thought were right. The compromise on spending and development limits had a great contribution from Ferrari. We have not vetoed, for me it is not the right way to approach a negotiation. We have made our sense of responsibility available. The new regulation in many ways disadvantages us, but it benefits the entire F1. On the sprint race I am disappointed, we missed a good opportunity. If you run the same GP twice a week, like in Austria and England, the risk is that the second race will be a repeat of the first. We thought of a different format, there was an idea on the table (starting grid inverted compared to race-1): F1, FIA and nine out of ten teams agreed. The opposition of one team was enough to block the proposal. A real shame for the fans and for our sport. I am very sorry, because we have all accepted compromises in this period ». Mercedes would have denied the opportunity.
What championship should we expect? «An anomalous championship: partly behind closed doors, with a revised and compressed calendar, with teams in financial difficulty because they do not receive the expected revenues, be they those of Liberty Media or of the sponsors. However, we are preparing to face it at best with enthusiasm. The return to normal makes us happy. It will be a difficult start for us. The machine will be the same that we had brought to Australia, because then there was the mandatory closure of the factories. The winter tests have not been satisfactory ».
You still don’t know where you celebrate Ferrari’s 1000th GP. “It will be the ninth of this year. With the current calendar in Monza we will race the 999th ». Could it be at Mugello? “Yes, we have given availability.” Tell the truth: if he were still technical director he would have spared himself many stomach aches. “I would have had great responsibilities anyway. And then I like to get into decision making. The side effect is that now my wife is preparing a new to-do list. “
Stefano Mancini, The print

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