Bike bonus, how to request it? Boom in Italy. Mileage refunds on paychecks?


The desire to move outdoors, the incentive to buy and perhaps a new ecological sensitivity at the base of the surge in the bicycle market. And companies could reward those who use it to go to work

There production of bicycles has increased significantly in China in April to meet the strong demand on the domestic and foreign market. This is what emerges from the data released by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In April the production of pedal bikes increased by 27.5% on an annual basis to 3.9 million pieces, while that of electric bikes grew by 40.6% on an annual basis up to 2.51 million specimens.

A bike boom which has also registered large numbers in Italy, thanks to the mobility bonus launched by the Government and the great desire for outdoor after the two months and it goes lockdown. From May 5th, when they reopened 2 weeks earlier than the other shops, to date the bicycle sales outlets have been stormed. According to Confindustria ANCMA (National Association of Motorcycle Cycle Accessories), approx 540 thousand bicycles, throughout Italy (+ 200,000 thousand compared to May 2019), after the lockdown period in all the stores in the area. With an average price of around 380 euros. Of these, a half thanks to incentives. For the vast majority (80%) they are traditional bikes, while 60% are electric or pedal-assisted bicycles. All in all, let’s talk about a turnover between 280 thousand and 300 thousand euros. On the other hand, it is more difficult to calculate the numbers of scooters, which together with car sharing benefit from the public incentives provided for in the Relaunch decree, given that a large part is purchased online. HERE all about bike bonus.

But the bicycle revolution appears to have just begun. The relaunch decree, in addition to the mobility bonus and the creation of new cycle paths to make circulation on two wheels safer, also provides for the introduction of a mobility manager in all companies with more than 100 employees, with the task of dealing with worker mobility. The ANCMA, together with the Ministry of the Environment, is also studying new incentives to promote cycling as a sustainable alternative to mobility. If the bike bonus expires at the end of the year, in 2021 a new system will be aimed at encouraging not only the purchase, but also the use of the bike. Many European countries already do this, including Holland, Belgium, Denmark, northern France and Great Britain. It is a matter of recognizing the citizen or employee of a company with a bonus in the paycheck for those who travel by bicycle on the journey from home to work, up to a pre-established ceiling of euros per day.

Someone is already moving independently. An example is that of Fantic, a Treviso-based bicycle company, which proposed to recognize 25 cents for each kilometer traveled on the journey from home to work by its employees, who will also be able to purchase a bike produced by the company at a discount). The problem is who pays: each incentive paid to the company costs twice as much. Therefore, a solution could be to bring the bonus back into the corporate welfare, and possibly bring part of the funding back to the ministry of the environment.

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