Big Brother Vip, Serena a fury against Pago


Serena Enardu does not wait a single moment and lashes out against her ex Pago, after her declarations on the real reasons for the end of their love story.

Serena Enardu is a fury. The statements by her ex-boyfriend Pago, anticipated by the weekly Chi, directed by Alfonso Signorini, and contained in his book “I wander for love“Out on June 16, they made her very angry and she immediately replied. According to what was declared by the former Vippo, Serena would lie to him for months about the real relationship she had with Alessandro Graziani, the former Temptation Island tempter and former suitor of Giovanna Abate and Men and women: “It wasn’t two days of flirtation, but a real love story,” Pago described it.


But Serena just isn’t there. And screams that the “boorish“, The liar it is he, Pacifico Settembre, who herself would have thrown out of the house. “Dare to say why I kicked you out of the house!“Said the former tronista of Men and women by Maria De Filippi. The woman, on Instagram, explains that this morning she would have expected everything, certainly not to “wake up with the Pago interview on Chi in which she tells a bunch of stupid things”. In reality it is not an interview but an excerpt from the book of Pag.

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The truth of Serena Enardu

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Having said that, Serena Enardu has eyes on fire with anger: “I’m sorry because I understand that it is to sell the book, because you can read from the article that it is petty propaganda for selling the book“, Underlines the ex vippona,” where he must unravel this mystery of Pulcinella. I’m really embarrassed for you, believe me. ” According to Enardu, in fact, Pago would not have had this time either “the courage to tell the truth why we broke up, or rather why I kicked you out of the house before the day you picked up the phone to find a mediocre excuse like the one you wrote. ”

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For the Enardu what Pago would have staged it would have been created specifically to sell his book that “on the back cover has a price, that others have to pay”. Serena concludes that “We didn’t split up, sorry for those who have wasted time writing this interview, I dare not imagine how many more caz * ate there are written on the book! If you wanted to send me a farewell letter you could write it to me, it didn’t matter to write a book. ” The saga continues …

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