Biden: ‘Trump has betrayed the American people’ – North America


Joe Biden goes on the attack of Donald Trump after the advances of the new book by John Bolton. “We learned from the former National Security Advisor that President Trump has sold out the American people to protect his political future. If the reports are true, this is not only morally repugnant, but a violation by Donald Trump of the sacred duty to the American people to protect American interests and defend our values, “says the White House dem candidate.

“Apparently, he asked directly to Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, to help him be re-elected. He wanted to trade our dearest democratic values ​​for the empty promise of a fragile agreement that would save him from the disastrous trade war that has greatly damaged our farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers, “continues Biden.

The former vice president also makes a connection with the coronavirus pandemic in the US, with the sad record of over 117,000 deaths. “Why – Biden wonders – did he repeatedly appreciate the Chinese government and President Xi as the coronavirus spread? Why did he want a trade agreement with China as a topic of conversation in his campaign for re-election. He thought that by letting the Chinese president win long term would give him another mandate in a short time. In return he was ready to shut up Hong Kong. In exchange he justified the internment of more than a million Uyghurs in concentration camps. It is no wonder that this We saw reports last week that China wants four more years of Trump as president because it has weakened the United States a lot. ”

Biden also has for Beijing: “My message is to the Chinese leaders, or to anyone who President Trump might invite to interfere: stay away from our democracy. Stay out of our elections. The American people will decide for themselves.
future of our country and I am confident in the choice it will make. ”

The Chinese foreign ministry had previously indicated that Beijing has no “intention to interfere with US politics or internal elections.


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