Bianchi: “Teachers put to the test must be helped in the coming years” [VIDEO e PDF]


At the Sala del Mappamondo, the Culture Commission carries out the hearing of Patrizio Bianchi as coordinator of the Committee of experts set up by the Minister of Education with the task of presenting proposals for the school with reference to the ongoing health emergency and the improvement of the national education system.


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There was with distance learning “A theme of psychological support: the teachers all supported, they invented different ways to keep the thread of continuity. Young people have a flow of stimuli, of information, the ability to make community, of understanding must return. I met extraordinary people of different experiences, all skills must be put in place to design new skills for development “.

“Our teachers in this phase have been put to the test and will be in the next few years. It is necessary to equip them with the ability to manage emotions but they must not be loaded too much: the educating community must be enlarged, the professors cannot be left with such a heavy load ”.

For the task force it is also necessary to work on the technological training of teachers. “Without enthusiasm we will not reopen school in September, but we have teachers, principals and students who have shown this enthusiasm. We made the choice to return to the founding principles that are in the Constitution: to remove any constraint in any part of the country so that everyone can participate in the life of the community and develop their own person. The school must be inclusive and supportive “.

And then: “We are focused on the distance between the students with the meter: we have begun to think about the work outside, which also means changing the teaching model.”

Bianchi insisted on the role of the territory: “The school must be at the center of the territory, it must be the engine of the territory, community educational pacts are needed, involving the whole territory in the ordinary management of the school, not only during the trip. Today the relationship is conflicting, it must go back to being cohesive ”.

And finally: “The boys who go to school today are all born after 2000, they are children of this century; their teachers are children of the previous century, it is a discontinuity that must be understood. Young people have a much higher capacity of IT tools than ours, an 18 year old boy has at least 2 hours of practice of using digital tools for years. Let’s not be content with just thinking about old teaching in the presence, there is an extraordinary didactic and pedagogical research phase. “



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