Bianca Berlinguer to Io e Te, live gaffe by Pierluigi Diaco. Incredulous fans: “What do you say?”


Bianca Berlinguer to Me and you, gaffe live by Pierluigi Diaco. Incredulous fans: «But what does it say?». Today, the host of Carta Bianca was a guest in Rai1’s living room and has retraced her career, from her debuts at Mixer to the last months of work in covid time.Read also> Pierluigi Diaco, chaos for you and me. A deafening noise interrupts the live broadcast. The amazed conductor: “What is it?”

In presenting it, Diaco spent words of great appreciation for the journalist daughter of Enrico Berlinguer, defining his style of conducting «free and spontaneous». But there is one particular sentence that attracts the attention of followers. In fact, Diaco adds: «I love boredom and boredom on television …». Twitter comments immediately: «But are you telling her he makes a boring TV?».

Probably, Diaco was not referring to the guest but to his own television taste. However, the followers make irony: «Do you like boredom? We had noticed». He is self-deprecating: «In me houses a 95 year old».

Last updated: Thursday 25 June 2020, 22:38


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