Something is happening between Juventus and Chelsea, the English and Italian leaders are thinking of some kind of negotiation and as happened between Juventus and Barcelona something interesting could come out, who knows maybe an exchange.

WILLIAN AND PEDRO – are the two expiring players approached Juventus, Maurizio Sarri consoles them well. In view of the reasoning of the past, they would be perfect for Juventus, in the current way of thinking with the “spending review”, there are two expensive footballers with the example of Ramsey and Rabiot that makes you think.

JORGINHO AND KOVACIC – are two players that Juventus follows, the first, and followed the second. Pallino di Sarri the first, appreciated by the Tuscan coach the second, difficult to take, it is possible to create a synergy if the Blues go to other goals, the former Napoli, would be on the list of possible starters.

EMERSON PALMIERI – who will go away is Emerson Palmieri, inserted among the transferable, a very long list of proscription that explains how in London there is an air of “big Revolution”. He too likes the black and white coach, something about fifteen million, but it could be part of some exchange.

THE JUVE LIST: ALEX SANDRO, PJANIC, RAMSEY, RABIOT, DOUGLAS COSTA – Here is the famous list of the Juve home, all those that Chelsea would take into consideration, from Alex Sandro, who plays Juventus at least 40 million, to Pjanic, which is worth 35, passing through Rabiot and Ramsey, 20 million each and conclude with Douglas It costs 40 million. Everyone has a price tag and could be placed in an exchange.

CRISTIANO RONALDO – finally, the suggestion, let’s call it that, Cristiano Ronaldo. There are 120 million Made in London from Spain, many, perhaps too many to make capital gains but also to give the idea of ​​demobilization, losing the top in the world. In short, at the moment we see it as a suggestion. Between Turin and London, something is boiling, but not the main course, perhaps the side dish.

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