better the electric scooter or the e-bike?


Tips for an easy choice

The mobility bonus provides up to 500 Euros to buy vehicles gentle mobility, perfect for getting around the city quickly and “cleanly” and without the stress of queues and parking. The hard part is finding your way between countless proposals present on the market, both for type of vehicle, both for variety of vehicles within the same category. To facilitate the selection we try to give some consideration for simplify the choice of the ideal vehicle focusing on the two most popular types: scooters is pedal assisted bike.The relevance of the price

The first choice concerns the vehicle: better scooter or e-bike? They are different means with merits is defects own. The scooter has the advantage of lower cost, thanks to prices that hardly exceed the 1,000 euros. A limit, the latter, under which it is difficult to find ae-bike with adequate strength and reliability, features usually found on Dai models 1,200 euros up, where the “up” can go even beyond the 3,000 euros. A gap that is partially reduced by the mobility bonus which provides contributions up to 60% of the price of the vehicle. In fact, therefore, it reaches i 500 Euros for all e-bike, while for the cheaper scooters can stop at 180 euros. To reduce even more the difference can be the presence of local contributions, like those promoted by the Region Emilia Romagna or by the Municipality of Milan.

Economic question aside, i scooters turn out more suitable for those who need to do few kilometers (about 5-10) and to travel in combination with public transport or with the car. To make them more suitable are the lower weight and the system of quick folding which requires few movements and seconds to reduce the overall dimensions a comfortable dimensions for transport on buses, subways and trains. A versatility not comparable even with the best folding e-bikes which have a few more operations to do and greater overall dimensions when closed, even only for the larger wheels and for the more complex frame of a simple scooter consisting only of a footboard and handlebar.

Comparing scooters and folding e-bikes

In case of frequent intermodal travel and with short trips from the public transport stop to the office, on scooter it may turn out more practical, also for the possibility of carrying it with you always reducing, if not zeroing, the risk of theft. In such modalities i lighter models (within 10 kg) as, less tiring to lift, and with quick closing systems and practical. For those who perform less transhipment and makes longer stretches you can consider them heavier variants equipped with larger wheels, suspensions and batteries that guarantee autonomy greater than 30 km. Mandatory choice if the roads to travel are not easy, that is, they have wide stretches in pavé or uneven asphalt or with holes. Conditions under which e-bike folding they can become attractive. The larger wheels, i major brakes and the possible presence of suspension fork make them more secure, stable and comfortable to tackle roads with potholes or uneven ground or to overcome small steps such as sidewalks.

The folding they are preferable even when there is something to do a few more kilometers because in general they have more autonomy and, once exhausted, they can be used effectively using the muscles, a less easy practice with the push of the foot required by the scooters. Moreover, standing for more than 30 minutes it can be more uncomfortable and tiring that pedal while sitting. A secondary, but still important, advantage of e-bikes over scooters is to be less “passive”, that is, to oblige to carry out a healthy exercise for the body even with the adoption of the highest level of assistance. For the choice between different models rules similar to those provided for scooters apply, by selecting the lighter and compact for frequent changes of means of transport and those with wider tread for more “difficult” ground movements. Great importance also has the possibility of drag them like a trolley when they are “closed” and the presence of simple styling system and fast, but above all sturdy: with the cycle open, the joints must be firm and well tightened, in particular that of the handlebars, the most subject to small oscillations. Comfortable details to facilitate the closing / opening operations are the presence of the internal cables to the frame and the transmission with fixed ratio or with change in the hub which reduces the possibility of the chain “falling”.

The potential of city bikes

The last option considered are the electric city bikes traditional. While not having the versatility of transporting scooters and folding, they offer higher levels of comfort and safety is autonomies definitely higher (they can even exceed 100 km) which make them preferable for those who have to do more kilometers. Features that provide it with greater potential than scooters and folding, for example, by allowing different uses from those of the classic way home work, like trips out of town or ride for leisure in the countryside. A important plus of city bikes is also the higher load capacity. If you can carry a little more than a backpack on your scooter and with the leaflets equipped with luggage racks (actually not many) a few shopping bags, with traditional cycles you have at your disposal a rear rack more robust and capacious and, in some cases, a comfortable basket o front loading floor. Also important is the ability to install seats to bring i children you hate side bags more or less large to increase the load capacity. Compared to small vehicles, they are Safer in general and, in particular, on dirt, land forbidden to many scooters.

The e-bike they are also more suitable in hill town as they “suffer” less ascents for the presence of the exchange and for the combined power of legs and electric motor. They also allow higher average speeds and have more freedom of movement when they have no prohibitions, often imposed on scooters, for use on roads open to motor vehicles. As for the choice between city bikes are from to prefer those with low step frame, with fork and saddle cushioned and requiring little maintenance, like the models with change in the hub (better if automated or continuously variable) and belt transmission. Other pluses can be i reinforced rims he puncture-proof tires, preferably wide to deal with minor holes, “cobblestones” and tracks. As with other media, the standard equipment (lights, bell, luggage rack, etc.) to avoid having to buy them later making the price rise.

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