“Best wishes for PS5 but Xbox is more powerful” So Microsoft congratulates Sony


Microsoft’s fairplay with a pinch of marketing!

A few minutes from the live broadcast of Sony on the future of PlayStation 5, where the console line-up and design was shown, Aaron Greenberg head of home marketing Microsoft congratulated Sony’s “rival” on the reveal of PlayStation 5.

A reverence now become customary among the 3 Big of the videogame panorama. Greenberg, however, took advantage of it also to remind fans that many of the titles presented will also arrive on Xbox Series X, the most powerful console in the world.

Best wishes to our Sony friends for their presentation today. Xbox fans should know that games like GTA V, Resident Evil Village, Hitman 3, NBA 2K21, Pragmata etc. will also be great to play on Xbox Series X, the most powerful console in the world.

In short, behind the fairplay of Microsoft hides a precise marketing strategy, aimed at re-emphasizing how powerful Xbox Series X is, at least on paper.

It remains to be seen how Sony will respond to the event that will see Microsoft busy next month, where it will announce the Xbox Series X first party line-up.

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