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We knew that the amount of postponements, combined with the global health emergency, would have led to a period of “lean” on the gaming front, and the first signs of the state in which the industry focuses are noted on this occasion: the coronation of our usual Game of the Month. As we will see, in fact, the month of May has seen more reissues than new intellectual properties, while the near future seems to reserve few surprises (at least until the September-November window). Nonetheless, the independent world continues to offer experience for all tastes, and contributes to tired moments with brilliant productions. If these premises have intrigued you, we just have to examine the candidates competing for the Game of the Month award.


Inspired by the legendary sequence of Blade Runner in which Deckard flew over Los Angeles aboard his anti-gravitational machine, Cloudpunk is a concentrate of what made a certain type of sci-fi imagery great (the same that we will see very soon with CD Projekt RED). In the city of nivalis, Rania does her job as a taxi driver, witness to countless stories spoken by the customer on duty. We have the task of accompanying her in her nightlife, of making moral choices and living on our skin the social imbalance between the classes of the world of tomorrow.

Despite its peculiarities, Cloudpunk is not the first production to think of certain narrative choices (Neo Cab is another good example), and to highlight the story, the developers have reduced the play dough to the bone. For all these reasons, the work of the Ion Lands studio remains excellent, but does not reach the status of Game of the Month.

Cloudpunk review

Legends of Runeterra

Taking advantage of the universe linked to the evergreen League of LegendsRiot Games has launched into numerous projects, including Legends of Runeterra, a card game that borrows iconic MOBA characters to launch the gauntlet to Blizzard and Heartstone. In addition to a peculiar free to play system (with numerous gifts for all users), this new production is characterized by a high game pace, in which the two challengers are continually called to make their own moves.

Already this aspect would be enough to trigger the curiosity of fans, but Legends of Runeterra also puts other elements at the basis of its identity: for example the limitation of cards with random effects, or the possibility of “saving mana” for other games. All within the framework of a title that is as accessible as it is stratified.
Only time will tell if Riot Games can put Blizzard in serious difficulty, but the conditions are already excellent.

Legends of Runeterra review

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath

After a post launch support characterized mainly by the Kombat Packs, Netherrealm changes its strategy for its Mortal Kombat 11, focusing all on a real expansion. In Aftermath we find additional chapters for the main campaign, new arenas, tweaks to the gameplay and the canonical trio of unpublished wrestlers. The offer could also include comedy friendship, but the Chicago studio preferred to offer this peaceful version of the fatalities free of charge to all users.

Starting right from the events related to fiction, the choice to put antagonists of the caliber of Shang Tsung at the center of the story is interesting, and in general it is the best content of the package. If anything, the ticket price turns up, rather abundant, and the fact that the new icon of the roster, the legendary Robocop, the weakest addition in terms of gameplay is in practice.

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath review

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

Highly anticipated by the Nintendo community, the return of Xenoblade Chronicles in its Definitive Edition for Switch did not disappoint expectations. Ten years after its debut, the work of Monolith Soft is still a milestone of the Japanese RPG, thanks to a superfine story, a level design inspired by few and a wide and layered gameplay. The developers did not just re-propose the same experience seen on Wii, but they also streamlined the exploration and progression systems of the team of heroes, thanks also to the feedback collected in these years with the original work and the sequel.

The hopes of the community also lay in the unreleased Future Connected chapter, “sequel” to the events of the main title. Unfortunately, despite the new content, Monolith has decided to streamline the gameplay and role-playing systems too much, making the extra adventure inconsistent and engaging. Luckily it is a DLC completely disconnected from the main campaign, aged so well as to put our jury in serious difficulty: if the GOTM did not mainly reward the new releases, Shulk would have been a formidable opponent

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition review

The Wonderful 101 Remastered

May was not only the month of Shulk’s return, but also of Wonder Red and the other superheroes who make up the Centinels, the defenders of the planet Earth. The Wonderful 101 Remastered is the well-deserved second chance conquered by Platinum Games for the exclusive Wii U: one of the titles that has been able to cleverly exploit the Nintendo hardware, while remaining damaged by the commercial failure of the platform.

On Switch, some of the mechanics that characterized Kamiya’s work, however, lose their effectiveness, especially with the hybrid console connected to the TV. Yet The Wonderful 101 still manages to thrill, among the links of a unique superhero experience. Unfortunately, some small burrs present in the original version have not been removed from Platinum, and are even more evident on Switch. But if you are looking for “different” games, Wonder Red and his companions will be able to conquer you.

The Wonderful 101 Remastered review

Saints Row The Third Remastered

Staying on the vein of recoveries from the soul blatantly over the top, it is impossible not to mention in our Saints Row The Third Remastered list. The original title was an essential turning point for the Volition series, who managed to effectively get away from comparisons with GTA, taking a path illuminated by the wildest “play”.

The third episode is a concentrate of madness and satire over the top, framed in an open world overflowing with madness and hilariously blossomed sequences. In addition to the most absurd ideas, the Remastered version of the game has a new engine and all post-launch content. A package to which it is impossible not to give up, especially if you are looking for light and humor-filled experiences.

Saints Row The Third Remastered review

What the Golf

“The game of golf for those who hate golf”: with these words Triband presented its peculiar project for Apple Arcade, and we never expected to appreciate What the Golf so much. Once landed on Switch, this puzzle game has conquered us from the first stages, and thanks to its varied offer it has kept us glued to the last flag.

For those who had missed it, perhaps for its minimal design that could deceive the most demanding users, know that you will find yourself in front of a brilliant title, capable of reinventing itself at every level: from pearl quotes like Superhot and Katamari Damacy, to reinterpretations of the noble discipline (even if making a hole with a barrel of gunpowder is very noble). If he had not made his debut in November last year on Apple’s service, we would have let ourselves be enticed by the desire to assign our prize to What the Golf, such is its quality. A game that we recommend without reservation.

What the Golf review


As we said at the beginning, the independent market sustained a seemingly sluggish month, made up mostly of various types of re-editions. Again we speak of a “return”, but very different from those we have discussed previously. Indeed, Huntdown is a run’n gun that openly looks at the old 16 bit era action games: titles like Robocop VS The Terminator for example, but also many other cornerstones of the genre. All within a setting that recalls cyberpunk seen in many films of the 80s and 90s, full of gangs of studded and hyperviolent criminals.

Net of some small burrs, Huntdown is an excellent sliding shooter, fun and arduous to tame. However, the intent of the developers seemed clear to us: to propose an old school experience capable of attracting mainly those who have lived certain eras, and for this month we have decided to reward a title with a diametrically opposite goal.

Huntdown review

Game of the Month: Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons was conceived, designed and developed with a single goal in the mind of its creators: be a universal product and suitable for any type of player. There is no doubt that the goal of Double Eleven and Mojang has been fully achieved. At the expense of its appearance, in fact, it is a dungeon crawler capable of offering an interesting experience even to experts in the genre. It does so both thanks to numerous settings to customize its path, and thanks to a remarkable care in the systems of map generation and growth of its hero.

Simple but not trivial, Minecraft Dungeons has proven to be able to combine lightness and depth with a good balance. There are still some burrs in the loot system, but in a genre that sees Diablo and very few other exponents excel, to be able to conquer such a large audience (it is recently the news that it is of the most downloaded game on Game Pass) is a result that should not be underestimated. For all these reasons, Minecraft Dungeons has earned the title of Game of the Month.

Minecraft Dungeons review

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