“Berlusconi speaks like Renzi”, “Salvini like the M5s”: Lega and Fi “don’t understand each other anymore”. The polls: Berlusconi decisive for the alliance


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The sub-track differences have been noticed since the beginning of the pandemic: the sovereign frontwho even went so far as to ask “elections early“In the midst of the emergency, the” moderate “one ready to collaborate. The idyll in Piazza del Popolo, gatherings and tricolor masks, it only lasted a few days. “Berlusconi I don’t understand it: sometimes it speaks how Renzi, as Prodi” He says Matteo Salvini. “We don’t understand him sometimes either – he replies ex officio Mara Carfagna a Print – Often speaks like i 5 stars“. Right now that the emergency is over, the two right sides seem to say goodbye from a distance. Allies yes, but with a bit of mistrust. In the middle, to do the bulk of the work, is the usual word that worries even the nights of the majority and Palazzo Chigi: Mes, the state-saving fund that even without conditions (assure supporters, from pieces of the Pd to Renzi up to the forces) risks being synonymous with a trap (detractors warn from League in pieces of M5s up to leftist rulers). The location on the verge of Matteo Salvini is well known. That of Forza Italia is this: “If the Mes is what we are talking about today, it is something very different from what we knew until yesterday – says Carfagna – It is a credit line at practically zero rates, which would allow to finance interventions for health, to build hospitals, to build wards in RSAs or prisons, to improve economic treatment for doctors and nurses. All at a lower cost than the market. This Mes is not that of Greece, of the Troika. If things stay that way why not use it? “.

And then there is the approach to cooperation between majority is opposition in such a complicated period, as recommended on several occasions by President of the Republic. On the one hand Salvini seems clear, at least in words: “I read about availability to other governments, for the Lega the first this executive goes home and the sooner you go to vote, the better.” Berlusconi yesterday, always at the Print, he said he was ready for a pact: he always is, when he thinks he is making a profit, as his political history tells. “The dialogue proposed by Conte? I’m available – he replied – With three clarifications. First, institutional collaboration does not mean political convergence. Second, listening is not a concession that the Prime Minister makes to us; if anything, it is in the interest of the country and of the government itself to make use of those who, like us, have experience and expertise, not just politics. Third, listening to the opposition must translate into concretely agreeing on the choices to be made. ” This does not mean entering into strange government agreements, Carfagna points out today.

But why this acceleration? The numbers that are probably also involved Come on Italyafter the depressions of the last year, it has stabilized. THE Berlusconi in all the polls they don’t give up the scissor between 6 and 8 percent and if on the one hand they have long lost the steering wheel of the coalition (now with sovereignty) they can do what they do on the other side Matteo Renzi: without us, that’s the point, don’t go anywhere. That hoard of votes of those in the center-right who have not yet resigned themselves to moving into political forces with other traditions and other languages ​​(nationalists is Eurosceptics) is also worth a lot in terms of seats.

Because if Salvini denies at the moment that the League is available to a government of national unity or the like and invokes (as always) the “elections immediately“There is to be taken into account when processing the Corriere della Sera based on the voting intentions collected by Ipsos and taking for granted that the electoral reform will be terminated in a pure proportional sense with a 5% barrier. The pandemic has changed the scenario a lot, therefore: if in February the sovereign duo Lega-Fdi could count on 205 seats – that is, the absolute majority of the new Chamber -, now that figure has dropped to 186 and the contribution of the 33 deputies of Power Italy. In these 4 months the highest price has been paid League who lost 37 deputies virtual (from 149 to 112), while Brothers of Italy – in proportion to its increase in percentage terms – it grew from 56 to 74 (+18). The blues instead in these 16 weeks have gained 4 seats.

For the record, according to this elaboration, the government area has slightly grown, even if not enough to worry the center-right. The Pd grew by 4 deputies (from 96 to 100), while the M5s records a more significant increase (from 65 to 76). All together the parties that manage to enter Parliament (Pd, M5s, Iv and Svp) would not exceed 181 deputies.

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