Berlusconi, signal to Salvini: thus helps Meloni to overcome it. And the left treats me better


For years on the last lap and for years this lap has never ended. So it had to happen that the founder of the center-right went so far as to say that the leftists treat me better. And with those on the left Berlusconi now speaks frequently and directly, sometimes without even the filter of Gianni Letta. With Zingaretti and Franceschini he discusses issues of government and electoral law. He established a relationship with Speranza in the most dramatic days of the pandemic, and had words of comfort towards him when he learned that the Minister of Health was accusing the backlash of the stress: Do not attack him – he told the leaders of Forza Italia – because a serious person and has a good political school. Whether Communists or grillini for the Knight, little changes, since he also linked with the Minister of Sport, Spadafora, during the dispute over football. He calls those and those call him.

Divide et impera

So this newfound centrality lives from the health exile. And although he really thinks he can aspire to Colle, he has not lost his reason in the face of the rivals’ outbursts. As he always has, he continues to keep his foot in many stirrups, applying the Togliatian duplicity in a more updated version. Also because, if the lost political empire remains the economic one: appointments to Agcom, for example, interest him more than the negotiations for the Regionals. But since everything is held, he dedicates time to the dossier and suggests calm to those delegated to manage it: We must remain calm and firm on our positions. For Forza Italia, the Piave moved to Campania: if Salvini blew up the agreement for the blue candidacy for governor, Berlusconi would publicly denounce the sabotage. For now he holds back the annoyance towards the leader of the Carroccio and his absurd attitude: He does not realize that he is helping Meloni to overcome him. He knows the art of divide and rule for having exploited it on several occasions, and in fact he treacherously spends words of sincere praise to the Venetian League player Zaia: very good. He and De Luca in Campania are the regional presidents who have managed the health crisis better. A blow to the circle and one to the barrel, Berlusconi disorients without ever taking a position: on the same day capable of taking on two opposite political lines, Letta thinks about it and explains himself to the interlocutors.

Divorce between allies

Recently they saw the former Undersecretary of the Presidency enter the Quirinale, while visits to the Nazarene are no longer a novelty: and if the secretary of the occupied Democratic Party calls Bettini. Or viceversa. Imagining that Berlusconi passes weapons and baggage to the other side doesn’t make sense, it won’t happen. However much Conte has covered him with praise, telling him that his epic dear president written in large letters on history books. But in the end it doesn’t even make sense to talk about the center-right, because adherence to the proportional creed frees from coalition bonds. Even the League seems to want hands free, so tell the Sherpas of the Democratic Party, and Meloni waits to undergo this decision to shout at the betrayal of the majority in Parliament and then hoard votes in the country. If this ends, it will be a divorce between allies, even if after the elections they may find themselves living together under the roof of Palazzo Chigi. In any case we will be the needle of the balance, warns the Knight: Without us they would not have the numbers to win or to rule.

The only strategic choice

The ambiguity of his words does not escape, because Berlusconi deliberately does not clarify which way to take the needle. And its unconditional s in the Mes makes the message even more cryptic: the Mes in fact is no longer just a financial instrument, which has become the metaphor of a new constitutional arch under which those parties that marry the pro-European line, repudiated for now by the League, will meet and FdI and accepted instead by those on the left. Here is the only strategic choice. The rest is tactical, the Palazzo lives by the day. And the Knight’s Achilles’ heel, his allies, his opponents, all politics, who sees the crisis approaching and does not react. It happened as early as ’94: even then there was a systemic crisis and the parties of the time thought to get away with it. Instead they were swept by a novelty. That was Berlusconi.

June 6, 2020 (change June 7, 2020 | 00:06)


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