Berlusconi leaves Palazzo Grazioli: for him the villa of Zeffirelli


Moving in sight for Silvio Berlusconi. The leader of Forza Italia is planning to leave Palazzo Grazioli, a sumptuous noble residence in via del Plebiscito in the heart of the capital, which has been the backdrop for political summits, international summits and “elegant evenings”. It reveals it The messenger according to which the Knight is about to move to a villa owned by him between the Appia Antica and Appia Pignatelli, where Franco Zeffirelli lived until his death.

Limit unnecessary expenses

The transfer would be dictated by the “decision to eliminate unnecessary expenses”. Indeed, Palazzo Grazioli is for rent at around 40 thousand euros per month, but after having long been the residence of the Knight e base of the PDL in Rome, has not been used for nearly two years. Today the building is frequented – according to The messenger – only “by four secretaries, a driver and some offices”, while Forza Italia meetings are held in the piazza in Lucina. After Zeffirelli’s death, which took place last year, however, the master’s home on the Appian Way is available: Berlusconi bought it in 2001 to 3 billion and 775 million and lent it to the director, his great friend and former MP of Forza Italia. The Cavalier, therefore, would have chosen to stay in the 1930s villa in his Roman stays.

An era ends

The move should begin after the summer and it would symbolically close an era that began in 1994 with the “descent into the field” by Berlusconi. A long political season that saw Palazzo Grazioli besieged by cameras and reporters during the visits of Vladimir Putin (who enjoyed playing the Dudù dog with a ball in the damask corridors), the majority leaders in the middle of the night and judicial investigations. Especially those related to the “elegant dinners” also testified by the selfies of the young guests invited in black dress in the bathrooms of the Palazzo.

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