“Beppe Grillo is right to sell”, the director hands over the party to Giuseppe Conte – Libero Quotidiano


Here the M5s collapses. Not just the case bomb-Venezuela, waiting for clarity. As is known, it also took Alessandro Di Battista, the howler grill that actually tries the shoulder a Giuseppe Conte and the climb to the party. And so, in the moment of chaos, here comes the field Marco Travaglio, the grillino director, the one who dictates the line to the party with the Stellette. In his bottom on Everyday occurrence today, Tuesday 16 June, he said: “Understanding what happens and will happen in the 5Stelle is more difficult than understanding what the Democratic Party wants and what it is for Salvini. Because the M5s is no longer a movement and it is not yet a party”, he repeats the usual refrain.

So the director absolves – and it seemed – Di Battista, explaining that he is not moving for the armchairs, but for his ideas and his idea of ​​M5s. But this is not the point. The point is that Travaglio, as mentioned, dictates the line. Explain that to infuriate Beppe Grillo was the phrase “vote and see who wins” pronounced by Dibba in relation to Giuseppe Conte, invited to register to eventually climb the M5s. Travaglio explains that according to Grillo “the phase of the political leader with full powers is outdated, therefore nothing matters to the Ok Corral which would destabilize the government and tear the 5Stelle away; much better a secretariat extended to all souls, such as the directory that summer last decided with him the yellow and red turn. ” So Travaglio adds that “Grillo is right to sell with support for Conte and allergy to the single political leader“And that’s enough: we bet that, after these words of Travaglio, in the M5s it will go exactly like this?

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